Monday, 31 December 2012

Reflecting 2012 & HELLO there 2013.

Well, it's the time of year again. The last day of the year. New Year's Eve. Time for reflection on things that come to pass and things of yet to come.

So apparently the Apocalypse did not happen and we are still in one piece. We live another day. Hooray~!

So let's see what has been up this past year (or in my case past 2 years).
The many photos I've collected the past 2 years; taken by many hardworking photographers at many countless events.
I didn't really had a pause during my last year's transition; so everything just kinda went on continuously. I'm not very good at expressing myself through personal reflections but I will try my best. So here are some highlights.

RUN (How is the progress of pounding the road for 2 years?) :
I've never would had thought that running would be a great part of my life. It was really unimaginable. Many years ago I would cringe and call the activity silly; despite my mom and uncle's efforts to encourage me. So it was a pleasant surprise that I picked it up seriously close to 3 years ago. What started out as something to try on has turned into healthy lifestyle choice. It was probably the best decision I've ever made.

Nonetheless I had a fair share of critical feedbacks along the way about my new found passion. Sometimes when you want to achieve something better in life; some individuals find pleasure in criticizing in what you do. It's very disconcerting but I try to learn something positive from all of it. I can only assume and deduce that it is probably down to jealousy and hatred. But I've learned not to let negative energy effect me and I continued on with my head held up high.

When I picked up the sport seriously, I was in for a ride. What started as a few km has churned out into a crave for more mileages. In a good way, of course. I've never rushed into doing a HM or FM when I began racing; opting to play around nothing more than 12km races in the first year. I think it was a wise decision as I wanted to get the feel and understanding of the sport; rather than rush into it hastily.

I remembered the first time I've ever broken a Sub-60 for a 10km. I was so happy that I was on cloud nine (LITERALLY). The endless amount of training to achieve the goal and I was very proud of it. From then onwards, it has always been less than 60 minutes for 10km. At times, I still couldn't believe it myself. From 01:30:00 to 54:00. The intensive training and hard work paid off.

The look of a person who for the first time breaking a SUB-60 for 10KM (Taiping Heritage Run 2011).
Photo Courtesy of Tey.
As time and stamina progresses, I've slowly ventured into the 21km and 42km playing field. ENR 2011 was my first HM event but I really counted SCKLM 2011 HM as my real Half Marathon instead since there was a distance shortage in the former.
That time, it was the longest distance I was about to venture to.  ENR 2011.
First official HM event. SCKLM 2011. Cried in pain at the finishing. 
My transition to HM & FM was quite an adventure in itself. I had loads of doubts and fears about the distance at that time and it got the best out of me. At SCKLM 2011, fear and pain got the best of me as I had to limp for dear life for the last 3km. For some of you who remembered my awful sobbing face at the finishing line (which I will not post), it was terrifying. But I learned to respect the distance and vowed to train more. I've since done a number of HM events without any difficulties and once done a coveted Sub-2 at PJ Half 2011. Another one of those personal achievement moments.

I've only done 2 FM in my life, Sundown SG and SCKLM (both 2012) between a gap of less than 30 days.  It was a crazy decision on my part as I was on my own uncharted territory and I had this constant internal nagging and pressure to do so. But I've never regretted the decision.

First Virgin FM. Sundown Marathon 2012.
Lousy timing but finished happily. 
Sundown Marathon came to me as a preparation for SCKLM and it came with it's own "blessings of rain". The first 25km were as per normal until a thunderstorm that lasted for almost 4 hours change it all. Cold, shivering and cramped so badly that I couldn't even walk straight. The last 16km was agonizing and brought me to the verge of breaking down. Despite finishing at a lousy time of over 6 hours, I was still happy and proud cause more importantly I didn't give up. It was a challenge to finish it but it was invaluable experience to prep me for my next FM.

Needless to say, my next FM at SCKLM was indeed a great one. Despite a few of my own hiccups along the way, I think I finished strong and shaving off more than an hour from my previous time is a feat. AND at least my finishing photo was a good one.

I shouted and pounded for joy at the finishing of SCKLM 2012. 
Running so far to me has been a journey of discovering many new things. I made loads of new friends and along the way learned a lot. Albeit I would say that my running activities this year has been reduced quite a bit compared to the last, I felt that perhaps the "quality" of the run counts more than the quantity. I may have set many PBs before (this year abit lesser), I look forward to be doing more the coming year but I'll be more selective.

CYCLING (Back on wheels?) :
I've just got my pair of wheels this year. The last bicycle I owned was in high school. Still learning many things and learning to take care of the bike. Not much to say about it at the moment but cycling has brought me to places and trying new things I've been longing to try. City cycling + random food joints has been the best activity so far. Although I'm still encouraged to put in a little more effort so that I consider some triathlon events. Well, it's part of the plan and it will take it's course.... soon. :)

BLOGGING (I just yap and yap):
I think it's pretty good since I've returned into the blogging scene since my absence a few years ago. And I couldn't had returned at a better time. Inspired to write and share my thoughts about running (and other random stuffs as well), the blog sorta gain a momentum. Slow but at least steady from the power of FB networking. I may not be the best blogger around. Sometimes I talk long and aimlessly but I've gained an insight and understanding of blogging from other fellow bloggers. It has been fruitful so far as I've got 3rd placing from the "Blog with Brooks" program held recently. To be honest, I'm still quite surprised.

Winning 3rd prize for Blog with Brooks.
Photo courtesy of Piffles Inc. 
But from all this "rambling blog post of mine", I told myself it's alright if nobody reads it but if I could touch one reader's soul to change his life to be a healthier one; I'll be very happy.

And it happened....

I received a note from a fellow reader that I've inspired him to start running and he wanted to make a change in his life for a healthier one. With that he started training and signed up for his first run.

I had tears in my eyes when I read the note. I've never thought I could had made such an impact and I felt blessed by his sincerity and words.

Like I said before, small gestures of love without the expectancy of any return is the biggest reward one could have.

PERSONAL LIFE (In general) :
Like you and me, we all have ups and downs. I'm not going to say "YES, it was an all good year for me". I also had my personal battles and moments.

"I'm only human, born to make mistakes..." - Micheal Jackson (Human)

But as I get older especially now I'm at this point in my life (the 3 decade moment), I've learned to stay calm and be mindful of things. Negativity is always around no matter how much you try to sweep them away. Take it in stride and learn to overcome. And with God's love and will, I always look forward to another better day. :)

And for those of you who keeps bugging me about my love life, I say it again, "When it comes; it comes."
Shan't elaborate more. ;)

In a kulit kacang (Nutshell) :
Yes, it has been great so far. It really was.

As the year ends, I wish to thanks to all my readers, family and friends for their wonderful support and I wish everyone the best for next year. Have a quiet moment to reflect upon the happenings this year and make it better for the next.

With HIS blessings, I'm also hoping for greater things to happen for myself next year as well.

Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all~! :)

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