Monday, 10 December 2012

I got pick-pocketed. What I learned from it.

There has been a certain quietness in my blog lately. Sorry bout that as I've been busy with stuff lately that requires my attention. No worries as I have a few blog post on standby; just that it's sitting in the draft folder waiting for me to refine the posts a bit more. 

But for this special post, I'm giving it an extra push due to concerns of safety.

As some of you know, I got pick-pocketed last Sunday inside the KTM train. I didn't elaborate much previously as I was pretty much in a state of shock and disbelieve. 

So here is what happened :

Kenny and I were out on our spontaneous weekend adventure and made plans to go to PC Fair on Sunday. We decided that morning that we should take the train instead of driving there just for the adventure. Besides, I really wasn't into parking at KLCC (for it's unbelievably expensive weekend rates). 

We had to make 2 train transitions. KTM to Putra LRT and vice versa (via KL Sentral) when we come back. We had a great day and was really enjoying our day out.

By early evening, we headed back home and was waiting for the KTM train at Central. KTM trains are notoriously famous for being delayed and you have to wait for at least 30 minutes for a train to come. The train platform is slowly filling up with passengers and we expected it's gonna be a "packed" ride.

When the train did finally arrive, the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit of our people is to rush into the train even before the other passengers inside can exit. Me and Kenny can just stand at the sides and shake our heads. It took quite sometime for us to get in but we managed. But at the same time, we somehow saw this one very suspicious looking chap who was forcefully pushing himself in and he refused to move when clearly there are some more space to maneuver around. Kenny sternly but politely asked him to move but he ignored. We just slowly made our way to any clearing possible and the coach was almost pack. 

And just when the doors were about to close, I naturally reached into my pocket to take out my phone. It was gone.....!

I quickly poked my head out of the door and the floor just to see if it fell off. Nothing.

The doors closed and I can only looked at Kenny stunned. I tried not to panic as I slowly search my other pockets and bags if it was misplaced. Nothing too.

I was mad and I couldn't believe my phone was just gone like that. Albeit it's a long outdated 3 year old HTC phone, but it has been serving me well all this years. I came close to telling Kenny that I would probably need to stop at the next station and return back to see if the phone is lying around the previous station. My suspicion was probably it fell onto the tracks. 

Then suddenly something flashed before me eyes. I looked at Kenny and immediately asked "Where is that guy?". Yes, that guy that was forcefully pushing around. We scanned around but he was no where to be seen. I slowly calm myself down as my heart was really pumping fast now. Fortunately I had my office mobile phone  (spare phone) with me and it was still in my pocket. I quickly made a quick dial and it was ringing!

I tried to slowly scan if my phone was ringing nearby. Luckily I was using a ringtone that has a very distinguish tone that seldom people use. It makes a certain thumping sound.

I could hear it nearby! My initial thought was I really did dropped it on the floor but the ringtone got significantly softer. I started moving towards the faint sound through the crowd and finally saw THAT guy suspiciously trying to back towards another coach. 

But luck would have it, he was stuck. As if the crowd knew what was happening, the crowd behind him blocked his way. I was about to call him out when he suddenly turned around and threw the phone back at me and shouted "Ada orang kasi aku punya!". 

I was shocked and fuming mad. I felt like punching him right in the face. What a bunch of bollocks excuses he was giving. If he said that someone gave him the phone, why did he threw the phone back to me if he already knew earlier it was mine?

At this time, I really got everyone's attention as I firmly and almost too loudly asked him "Kenapa kamu ada pegang telefon saya dan macam mahu larikan diri?". I PUT him on the spot. 

From his eyes, I knew he is in deep shit as everyone was watching. He quickly said some gibberish that I couldn't make out and forced his way again away from me. By this time, we almost just reached and stop at another station and he quickly got off! Lucky sod!

I slowly walked back to Kenny and I was shaking. What the heck just happened?
I had this adrenaline rush but I was very grateful that I recovered my phone. 

So what I've learned from it?:

Take extra care of your belongings and be extra aware of your surroundings. I was actually very alert and cautious throughout the period. I also have this OCD problem that made me constantly check my phone where ever I am. Even that, my phone was easily slipped off from my tight pocket without me realizing it.

I know many of you had mentioned that I should had punched him right in the face. That would had been my first reaction but you never know if they work in groups and in some way harm you later. 

My only regret was that I did not immediately snap a picture of the culprit. The whole thing happened too fast. I know I should have but I had loads of eye witnesses staring at him at that moment. I hope someone did. 

So my advise to everyone is again, be careful of your belongings when out in public areas. Like be really "paranoid" careful. 

I had my phone back and the experience (although shocking) is something to learn from. 


  1. champion. Lucky you recovered it.

    thanks for sharing bro. I will be more careful too.

    1. I really had to thank my lucky stars but nonetheless I was still stunned by the whole ordeal.

  2. Wow, too bad you didn't catch the guy and bash him up!
    But thankfully you got your phone back!

    1. Part of me wanted to but at that moment of time, it was just not in the cards.

  3. be extra careful anytime, everytime. nasib baik dapat balik. happy birtday bro.

  4. Thanks for your concern and yes, I will be very aware from now onwards.
    Thanks for the birthday wish too. :)

    1. here is my malakoff blog entry. nice meeting you walaupun sekejap. malakoff is my fun ever running event


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