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The smartphone thing-a-jing-ga-ling

An old collection of my previous old phones. 
Random thoughts of the day.
Is technology making our life better or for the worse : The smartphone thing-a-jing-ga-ling or the smartphone debate.

Pretty much a technology question asked in recent years about the hype and existence of smartphones.
Bare in mind, what I say is pretty much a personal point of view and in no regards slandering any brands or users. To a few certain individuals who glorifies a certain fruit brand, please do not  hammer me.

In recent years, the smartphone scene has significantly changed the face of humankind. I for one, has fallen into that category of smartphone user 3 years ago; during the increasing hype of the Android platform. Before then, I can only stare in awe at a few friend's Iphones. My first experience with the first generation Iphone was so mind blowing that I could only gawk with mouth wide open. But alas the price of such gadgets are too far to reach.

Now this was 5 years ago.

At a glance today, we are blast with countless, endless advertisements of the latest (or the best) smartphone available. Technology is moving SO fast that it's so hard to catch up.

Price factor value? Almost anyone can afford one. In fact I saw one piece that cost less than RM400.

So this has got everyone chasing after the latest smartphone available; whether is it even necessary or not.

But I've seen the worse of people when it comes to this.

Here is something that happened recently.

My aunt recently told my mom that my youngest cousin is "behaving" again cause he demands the latest Iphone. In my thoughts, "Why the heck does a 12 year old wants an Iphone for?" Let me repeat, he didn't asked for it BUT he demanded for it. The excuse given was unreasonable; claiming that all his friends have one, hence he "deserves" one too.

WANT and DESERVE is two words too strong to be used in this context. I've heard of the strawberry generation but never have I thought it will hit so close to home. Alas, young cousin finally gave in to a "copy clone" of an Iphone after much persuasion with the intent of telling the world "I have one too".

I know this doesn't make any sense but back in my days, the most a 12 year old brags about is his Sega Gamedrive, Gameboy and comic books.

I've once asked little cousin "why?". And his reply was "Why not me when Papa, kor kor and che che all have one too." I see; so he was following by example? He also commented that I have one too; albeit mine was an Android device. I calmly and logically told him with sense that because I'm working and I earned the money to get it. I don't ask my parents for one. His next reply was a mean one. "I don't understand why you got such a lousy phone when Iphone is so much better". Partially shocked by his reply (and not really cause I know he is a brat) , my only reply to that was "Wait till you start earning then we have this talk again."

Although it sounds very shocking and crude but that's the way it is. Sometimes technology does change the way we are.

Another ongoing debacle is between friends about the IOS and Android or popularly known as Apple VS Samsung (or whatever other brand that uses Andriod's OS). I find this extremely amusing when I see such scenarios; almost too popcorn worthy. The debates can be so entertaining and some points pointed are incredibly hilarious.

To make a person say such things are like :

"IP better to hold than GNote"

"Tab better to write than Ipad"

"It's few grams heavier, so no good"

"Cause Steve Jobs says so" (this is one of the best unlogical reason I've heard)

"Screen colour too warm, so no colour accuracy" (what has this gotta do with making calls?)

"Neither too big, neither too small. What is the point?" (referring to screen)

"It's a great invention; that's why people queue for it" (I say you are stupid, cause you are queuing to "give" people money).

and etc....

I'm saying this as a joke, so don't get offended by it. My point being that there is a time we really need to draw a line when something is born of necessity or want.

Once my Sunday school teacher lamented, "Next time you see something, ask yourself this. Do you NEED it or WANT it? When you want something, the WANT is born out of the feeling of immediate gratification. A feeling to satisfy yourself momentarily but not be contempt with it for a long period of time. But when  you NEED something out of necessity, the justification is answerable."

Sounds like a cliche but every word said is true. But don't abuse the word NEED. You don't NEED everything.

Yes, I've been criticized for still using an old HTC phone but then so what? It still serves me well and working fine. I'm not a celebrity wannabe trying to prove something.

So don't be a generation where our faces are stuck looking down to a small screen even when we are out socializing. Look up and see the bigger picture. ;)

And to my cousin who might be reading this. The phone is just an object. Don't let it control you cause you own your life and not the other way round. Who cares what people say, you don't owe them anything. To prove ones worth is his good deeds and not to be measured by physical wealth.

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  1. so true. even the kids who excel in upsr / pmr demand ipad nowadays.


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