Monday, 17 December 2012

Hello Club "Three-to-the-O"

My Obi-Wan holds the banner for me.
Blink! Blink! Has it been 3 decades already? How time really flies.

Well, it's the time I have to officially say good bye to my 20's and say Hi to the 30's club.
Though I'm still not abandoning my "young at heart" spirit yet. ;)
Like a friend just recently told me, "The 30's is the new 20's". We had a good silly laugh when I asked if my previous 20's the 10's instead then?

First and foremost, I would love to thank to all my family and friends for all the well wishes I've been getting the entire week (and it's still coming). It's unbelievable how overwhelming it was and most have very kind words to share. I really appreciate it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I had some heartfelt wishes and also some comical ones.

I've personally replied to each and everyone of you and here are some comical ones I've picked out from our "conversations" with a few guys & gals. It was either through Facebook or if we had a chat face to face.

"Yes, the cake has been digested. Already 2 days."

"It's not my time to get hitch yet; cause habuk pun tarak" (referring to a friend who recently announced her engagement)

"Welcome to the club! But, you still the youngest"

"30 is new 20"

"Only 30? young. Still can play around."

"Surprise! Ngek Ngek Ngek....." (Quote, unquote from an inception of an inception of a surprise birthday party)

"It's your birthday, you want ketchup bottle or tobasco sauce?" says the TGIF waiter asking me to make a speech.

All these are pretty much silly gibberish comments and there were many more. But at least it drew some laughter and smiles along the way. :)

The Dutamas Runners gang.
Thank you so much for the Dutamas Runners gang for the "surprise" birthday gathering (which happened earlier than my actual birthday). Especially to Kenny who skillfully had this whole inception plan planned out. And the others were very skillfully blind siding me the whole day since morning. Brilliant work guys and I tip my hat to you all.

Thanks to also friends who kept wishing me at Malakoff; even along the route where we were running. Really kamsiah. :)

And so, now this is it...

What lies ahead of me I do not know but I'm ready for the adventure.
With God's will and blessings, just hoping for a better tomorrow.

To quote what the late Yasmin Ahmad once often times said, "I'm just a tiny drop of water in this vast ocean."
I may be small but I can always learn and continue to learn more in the vast sea of knowledge.  :)

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