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Brooks Frunner : How to get your ideal shoe with Brooks

We live in a world with advertising media blasting constantly through our daily lives. More often than not, consumers are often enticed with catchy, brilliant advertisements; but not really knowing what they are "buying" into. Buying a pair of trainers is one of them.

I for one would love to get a pair of trainers and RUN HAPPY with it. Not bogged with bombastic "claims" of "ridonkulous" features I don't need.

Choices, choices?

Have you ever gone to a sports shop and not knowing which pair of running shoes to get? Based on my personal experience, the sales assistant will just point you to their latest, most expensive model without even questioning what purpose it is for or what kind of shoe is suitable for you. The worst feedback I got is "This is the latest model and brand new COLOUR!". Sorry, but the colour of the shoe isn't going to help me with my running.

My beautiful pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11.
Sexy "Yer-row" colour!
I've long proned with running injuries; from blisters, cramps and knee pains. So one day, a friend recommended that I should try Brooks running shoes for a change. At that time, I've heard about Brooks but never had the guts to actually tried it. I was overly consumed by the big major brands that I was too afraid to "make a change". Anyhow, I did finally make a purchase of my first Brooks (GTS 11) and I've never regretted it!

Of course now you have the GTS 12, which is even better.

Just to share my experience, this is how it went with Brooks (Sunway) on helping me choose the correct running shoes for me.

As a perfectionist freak as I am, I usually like to do a study or survey before purchasing something. I made a phone call to Brooks Sunway Pyramid to ask some info and was advise to come over the shop to try out the shoes.

Your feet will me measured as well.
Do bring an old pair of trainers for the staff to analyse. 

Here I was, first time meeting with Manson, the manager of Brooks Boutique shop at Sunway Pyramid. First, he asked me to do a "catwalk". I wondered why cause I ain't model material. Then he asked me to do a light run as he observed. OK, now I get it.  It was to see my walking/running style and how is my pronation. After some observation, he realised that I under pronate when I'm running but neutral when walking.

To add on, I strongly suggest to bring at least an old pair of trainers for the staff to analyse. This is to better understand where you wear off the soles of shoes more.

Nowadays if you go to any Brooks boutique shop, all these could be easily done with their in-house Pressure Gait Analysis machine. Just step on it for 10 seconds and viola! You get a result of your current feet shape, pressure points and gait pressure. From this, the sales assistant would be able to tell you what shoes is suited for your feet and running style.

I had the pleasure of trying this machine on my 3rd Brooks shoe purchase. It seems that I've turned from a under pronator to a neutral runner. Wow, my pair of GTS corrected my gait issues?

Left :I present to you the  Pressure Gait Analysis. Don't mind me with my failed attempt of being Vanna White.
Right : Step on the pressure pad for 10 seconds.

The results are out in a jiffy! I've turned into a neutral runner. Well, sorta....
Testing out a pair of trainers and a quick tutorial on shoelace tying. 
Next up, the sales assistant will recommend the specific shoes according to your NEEDS. Yes, that even means that you have an eye for another pair that might not be suitable for you. Manson was very honest with me about the shoe specifics and my running needs. I take that as an initiative to go an extra mile with your customers.

My first visit, I was given the choice from the SUPPORT range which consist of Raveena, Adrenaline GTS and Trance. All of them features the Brooks DNA and the BIOMOGO Technology which I'm truly enticed about during my research. Many people may forgo technical jargons, but these 2 technology is well worth to know about.

I decided that I should go with GTS 11, as I felt Raveena was too light and Trance was too heavy to my liking. Something in between to begin with. What came next was a pleasant surprise. Manson taught me how to tie my shoe laces! I mean, how hard can that be? Oh boy, was I wrong.

Below is a video link taken during my first visit to Brooks Sunway last year and how Manson taught me how tie my shoelaces properly. Very educational.

All in all, I loved my first pair of Brooks. My GTS 11 had accompanied me to many races and many of them I had my Personal Best (PB) timing with them. It had never failed me.

Buying a pair of running shoes isn't that difficult. But it's just made much more easier with the helpful and friendly staff from Brooks. Do drop by to one of their shops and give it a try. And for this month of September, Brooks Malaysia is still having the RM150 rebate for their latest models. Do bring in an old pair of trainers for the rebate.

If you are staying around the Sunway area, do look for Manson (Sunway Pyramid).

Brooks @ Sunway Pyramid
Manson Chew @ Brooks Sunway Pyramid (03-5631 7831)
If you are staying around the Mutiara Damansara area, do look for Peter (The Curve).

Brooks @ The Curve
Peter Loh @ Brooks The Curve (03-7725 8775)
For the full listings of other Brooks Malaysia outlets check out this link.

Nothings beats a good run with a good pair shoes and RUN HAPPY with it. 

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