Thursday, 6 September 2012

SHIVZ GRILL on a Wednesday Night

So this is my first foodie write up. Can't be just yapping bout run and cycle all the time. Like how my running group (Dutamas Runners) motto is; When we don't RUN, we EAT. OK, I just made that up but we obviously had that sort of mentality. Besides, why work out so hard burning off the calories without at least enjoying some gastronomical adventure.

SHIVZ GRILL - Tandoor , Tava, Grill.

SHIVZ GRILL Restaurant, along Jalan Maarof.
Couple of days back, mom and Aunty Lynn wanted to meet up for dinner with me and suggested this lovely place at Bangsar. Located along Jalan Maarof, SHIVZ GRILL is just one of those hidden gems. I've passed by this place many times; either going to Maybank or to McD (busted!) but never really took the initiative to try out the food. So this was my chance.

Beautiful Decor. 
We arrived around 8.30pm and the place is a bit quiet at the moment. There were a few dining patrons and a dance workshop is in progress. Yes, there is a dance floor complete with mirrors and beautiful latin music. It's one of those restaurants where you could dine and dance; which is pretty rare in KL. The ambiance is fabulous and very inviting.

Free Intro Workshops offered as well.

As the night progresses. 
Of course, I'm more into food. So straight I went analyzing what they had to offer in the menu. I was kinda expecting some Latin food but was greeted with a Northern Indian menu list instead. Quite the juxtaposition of Latin feel restaurant and Indian food, but I ain't complaining as I totally support uniqueness. As I flip through the menu pages, there were some western dishes as well.

I went with the Afghani Kebab, a grilled chicken leg marinated with cream, pepper and cashew paste with a delicate hint of spices. Mom went with Mumtaz Grill (Signature Dish) and Aunty Lynn went with Chicken Briyani.

We are greeted with huge, HUGE portions!
Afghani Kebab

Mumtaz Grill (Signature Dish)
Chicken Briyani.

Mom and Aunty Lynn are basically small eaters, so imagine the glee smile I had when I had extras. Food was great. I tried all 3 chicken and there were beautifully grilled, succulent and bursting with flavours. For the price; it's definitely worth it. By the end of it, I'm stuffed!

Wednesday night is Salsa Wednesday!

As the night progressed, the place started to fill up. Mind you, it's just Wednesday night and the place is filling up like it's the weekend. Beautiful Latin music started to blast away as patrons proceeded to the dance floor; most who went up seems like professionals!

Dancing the night away. Don't be fooled, they dance very, very well.
Hospitality was good but be patient with service as the night progresses and it does get busy. Rest assured all orders will be served. Shiva, the owner of SHIVZ GRILL was on the floor making sure every patron is served. He not only serves food but he serves a wicked dance routine with a willing dance partner on the dance floor anytime!
Owner of SHIVZ, Shiva by the dance floor.

Open daily for business, SHIVZ is a great hangout place; either for dining or dancing. Patrons are to purchase a first drink at door. Combo meals and other special offers are also available. 

1st drink purchase at door for socials. 

Shiva and crew are ready to serve. 

Check out SHIVZ GRILL at 64, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur or at their FB fanpage at this link. Do check for any updates for their events, dance classes and promos.

In the mean time do enjoy the video I've captured on the night that I visited. Definitely a great place for food, dance and socializing.


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