Saturday, 22 September 2012

Cycling round Janda Baik

Woohoo~! More cycling adventures!

Last week, Kenny and I were planning where we gonna cycle on our next cycling adventure. Mainly we want to destress from work and enjoy the long weekend as well. Janda Baik has been our mind for quite some time and we took the opportunity go venture there.

We started our journey pretty early. Kenny picked me up from my place at 6am and we quickly loaded our bikes on the back of his car.

Lock and load!
 While driving up, a heavy thunderstorm hit us. Oh dear, we thought what next. We've already reached Janda Baik but we helplessly drove around waiting for the rain to stop. We hung out at the Cheringin Hills Resort for a while but the rain just got heavier. In the end, we just decided to just head for an early breakfast at Andak's Place.

Yummy fresh Nasi Lemak. 
Andak's Place was just opening for business and their piping hot food was just leaving the kitchen. The aroma of Nasi Lemak is so mouth watering; especially eating during a cool, rainy weather. It was just so yummy. Having a nice breakfast as we waited for the rain to stop was just plain amazing.

Hi Gary, Where is Spongebob?
Amazing scenery after the rain.
Breakfast at Andak's Place.
The rain stopped about 8.15am and we quickly finished our food and drinks. We quickly set up our bikes and we officially started our journey by 8.45am.

The weather was pretty gloomy and the roads are still wet. But at least the wind is cooling making our ride enjoyable. Cycling around Janda Baik is filled serenity, peace and quiet.

We cycled around one of the inner loops (around 12-13km) of Janda Baik and also branched out to smaller roads to check out some spectacular views and recee some of the homestays and resorts that are available there.

Silly me. I got so excited fiddling around my camera and my newly D-I-Y monopod to capture some video that I've forgotten to get some info of the places that we went to. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of the resorts we visited but I can't tell you the name! (Shame me...)

Kenny wanted to jump in. A private pool at one of the resorts visited.
A Balinese concept Resort. Breathtaking.
Another resort with a "boat". Actually it's just a premium room for another resort. The boat aka room is actually standstill. And I'm just the additional garden deco statue wannabe. 
Passing Lorong Datok Panglima. 
As we are cycling along, we ventured into many small roads blindly to see where it would lead to. We came across this river bend and took the opportunity for some shots. Since it rained so heavily before, the river water is flowing quite rapidly that we couldn't cross over. No choice but to back track to somewhere else...

The usual faux paus picture with Kenny.
Of course I need one too!
 We continued on and headed to one of our intended locations. Saufiville Boutique Resort is located quite high above a hill and it takes about 2km to cycle up from their first signboard.

The first signboard.
Kenny and I made a bet and see how much can we cycle up hill until we have to get down and push our bikes. The hill is notoriously steep; averaging around 30-45 degrees. To us runners running uphill is quite daunting and we thought cycling up should be easier. How wrong we were!

Out of the 2km, we got off our bikes after 50M! How embarrassing but we had a good laugh. The hill was really steep.

Push our bikes into the clouds.
Amazing breathtaking views on the way up to Saufiville.
 I think it took us a good 30 minutes to push our bikes all the way up. The air is thin and breathing is hard. Not helping much as I was recording myself giving loads of gibberish commentary about going up the hill. But alas, the view on the top is rewarding.

Saufiville Boutique Resort is beautiful and extremely quiet. The resort only has 6 rooms available for guests to stay and the price range starts from RM260 onwards per night. Apparently there is an attached dorm available but I didn't check it out. Still out of breath.

One of the main highlights of the resort is the spectacular view from the terrace to see an amazing infinity pool against a mountain backdrop. It feels like heaven!

We had our short break of snacks and we headed straight down to "University of Life".

The infinity pool with a view; jawdropping!
 The "University of Life" is actually the home of political writer S.H. Alattas. We were actually fortunate enough to meet the man himself and helped ourselves to some food and drinks served. The compound of his house is huge and one can easily get lost. Mr. Alattas was busy with some matters but asked us freely walk around the compound.
Hi you lazy Kitty.
A short break and chat with Mr. Alattas himself. 
Walking round. This is just a tiny portion of his property!
A photo before we head off. 
 It was close to noon when we left the premises. Kenny and I decided we just need to clock in some mileage and cycle back into the inner loop before heading for lunch at Andak's again.

One of the many places we passed.
Done! Can't believe we cycled to all this places. Mostly just passed.
 It was fairly still an easy ride but at a faster pace. We passed many spots but only stop momentarily a few times for some photos and enjoy the view. We wanted to continue on but since we had a late start, we decided we shall leave it for next time.
Obligatory shot. :P
 We were back at Andak's by 1pm or so and had a quick lunch. But first, we need to wash our bikes clean. It was a tiring day of cycling. Although time went by fast, we surely enjoyed ourselves on those few hours. Sure was a good "de-stress" moment for the both of us.

Cleaning time!
And now the "silly" video I made with my so called DIY monopod attached to my handle bars. Don't mind me talking gibberish. I think the lack of oxygen had me rambling nonsense. :P

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  1. Just want to say you have got a great blog here - friend and I was inspired to check out Janda baik (foldie cycling) and was very amazed by the beautiful scenery we encountered along the way. Sadly, Andak was not open but we went to Pinto + Coffee, which was great.


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