Saturday, 1 September 2012

Brooks Frunner : Be Green or Go Green with Brooks!

STOP! In the name of love! That is how Ms. Diana Ross would sing it. But I would had sung “STOP! In the name of Greenery!” . Today I’m stressing out the importance of taking care of Mother Nature.

Poor Mother Nature is suffering as consumer demands for products are usually made from raw or non-recyclable materials. We can do our bid by reducing wastage by purchasing “Eco-friendly” or biodegradable products. Recycling things like aluminium cans, plastic and paper are much encouraged. But what about shoes?

I have too many shoes to think about. What can I do will my old, worn off pairs?

Let’s begin with a story. I have to admit, I am a shoe shopaholic. I’m worse than a woman! What do I do with so many shoes lying around?

In my defence, I buy shoes not for fashion sake but more of functionality.  Over the years as I got active with gym, running, etc ; I have accumulated quite a bit of a collection. I’m not crazy; just that I abuse the mileage quite a bit. That’s when I decided that I needed several pairs for different purposes.  For road, for trail, for treadmill and even for recovery!

Once my shoes reached their expected mileage, I would still continue to use them as my everyday shoes. Fortunately I have the pleasure of wearing sports shoes to work daily; maxing out the lifespan of my beloveds. I will wear them until they start to break apart and the only way I can do is just discard them to the dumpster after that. Not very eco-friendly. That is till now!

I can trade my old shoes and get a RM150 rebate for Brooks shoes? I have loads!

From 1st – 30th September 2012, BrooksMalaysia will be more than happy to collect back your old shoes. They will help you recycle them and in return, be rewarded a RM150 rebate for a new pair of Brooks. How awesome is that! Bare in mind, one pair of old shoes is to one RM150 rebate for ONE pair of Brooks. Doesn’t matter how many old shoes you bring, the mechanics still works the same.

Just in time for their Fall 2012 collection, you will be spoilt with the latest choices. The rebate can be used for the following shoes:

Shoes shown are for Men. It also applies to Women shoes as well. Worry not!

What is so great with Brooks shoes are their BIOMOGO midsoles. Traditional midsoles made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate™ (EVA) are one of the least biodegradable shoe components, lasting up to 1,000 years in a landfill. Brooks added a non-toxic, natural additive to the MoGo compound that encourages anaerobic microbes to munch away once the material hits an active, enclosed landfill; making biodegradation 50X faster (Equivalent about 20 years).

Plus it’s non-toxic and can be used as nutrients for plants and animals. Brooks has even shared this technology with other running shoe makers; encouraging an even more sustainable planet Earth.

Here is a video in detail how does BIOMOGO works.

So what are you waiting for? What better excuse to get a new pair of trainers and help Mother Nature at the same time. Head to your nearest Brooks retailer or contact them at for any further details. Click on this link to the nearest Brooks outlet you could go to.


  1. Kool!! Awesome post! Didnt know Brooks is so green hehe ! Support brooks!!

  2. woooooooooooow!!! i'm impressed!! you hace such great knowledge in aco freindly shoe!!

  3. RM150 is a lot for an old pair of shoe!!

  4. Yup. Patrick you wanna get another one? ;)


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