Thursday, 27 September 2012

Brooks Frunner : Putting that "Gly" on that Glycerin shoe.

Glycerin, oh Glycerin. I've always had this strange obsession with you the first time I set my eyes on you. Well, mainly because I need a better cushioning shoe to cater for my heavy duty runs and my full marathons. Although I'm quite loyal to my GTS11, as time goes by I realised that I change my running style a bit needed a little extra cushioning for those heavy pounds on the road. But also I needed something light and not too bulky.

Brooks Glycerin 8. My lovely trainers won Runner's World Editor's Choice Award. 
 I was introduced to the Glycerin 8 previously and slowly transition to a more neutral and cushioning shoe. This was done in prep before my virgin full marathon at Sundown Singapore and Standard Chartered KL Marathon this year. Although it looks bulky, but in reality it's very light and it really gives the sensation of "floating".

OK, you won't fly. That I can guarantee.
Putting my Gly 8 to the test. Virgin Full Marathon in hard pouring  rain at Sundown Singapore 2012. 
During Sundown when I wore it for my first virgin Full Marathon, it carried me through a quite unforgiving route with the additional thunder storm thrown in. Generally, I was all wet till I finally crossed the finish line. But the shoes still coped well and zero blisters!

Float all the way to the finish line at SCKLM 2012. Photo courtesy of Wong Yi Bin.
Then in less than a month, I embarked on SCKLM Full Marathon with my trustee Gly 8 and again the "flotation" thing happen again. Sometimes I feel like I'm not wearing anything at all.
Oh...that horsey dance at KOTR 2012. Photo courtesy of Victor & Elaine.
 I usually reserve my Glycerin for competitive, long distance runs after that. I still wore them for LSD training and it still kinda looked brand new. I still find it surprisingly light for its size and the shoes always make me do funny things with it. I just had to try them out if it sustained the "Horsey Dance Test" and yes, it has passed it when I've had it tested in the last KOTR.

On the technical side, Brooks Glycerin series is ranked as a premium shoe at it's neutral shoe category. What makes it so light is it's Biomogo Midsole and Brooks DNA. Hence, why I feel so comfortable in them.  The energy return from these technologies are undeniable as you could feel them as you run with them.

Well, you have to try it to know it.

Glycerin 10 awarded " The Best Neutral Shoe" by Running Network for Fall 2012 
So when news broke out that the Brooks Glycerin 10 was launching, I got giddy and excited as usual. Finally when the shoes came in stores, I had to try it and give it a comparison with my Gly 8. It's definitely a different feel without sacrificing the built and weight. But one thing for sure, it's more plushier! It's like a pillow wrapped around your feet. It's also now Full DNA vs. the partial DNA in previous models; giving it even more cushioning and responsive energy return with every step.

It's no wonder it was awarded "The Best Neutral Shoe" by Running Network for Fall 2012.

I still itching to get a pair. Well there is 3 more days to think about it and don't forget about the Brooks Malaysia RM150 rebate that will be ending on the 30th September 2012.

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