Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy NY! Found your desire to run?

Happy New Year to all! How was the first few days? Got back into the groove yet and ready to go?

I personally starting back my own training and regime albeit in a much slower pace. The long rest had affected my "tuning" of my heart rate and stamina. Nonetheless, I'm keeping up but also making sure I don't bust my lungs and HR on another hill + tempo run. 

The gym I go to has been unusually packed the last few days; which only means that a lot of people had made resolutions and commitments to have a better and healthier life. Good to all of you, but do stay with your commitments and word. Paying for gym memberships bluntly and not going doesn't make you "feel better" and answerable to yourself. 

To get things started for the year, here is an inspiring talk from Christopher McDougall (the author of Born To Run). This short talk presented at TEDx is a general idea of  running and explores the mysteries of the human desire to run. 

Of course I'm not only implying on running only but also other activities that is beneficial to the embetterment of your health and well being.  

So are you ready to make a move yet? ;)

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