Monday, 7 January 2013

MPIB 2013 Race Report (Sorta?)

The start of MPIB 2013
First run of the year. To those who participated MPIB 2013, how did everyone do and how did you feel?
I've heard many had done PBs for this route or distance. Congratulations and good for you. A great way to start the year. For those who hasn't, fret not as there are many more runs to come and always remember that running is a sport of passion. The most important thing is that you ENJOY the run rather than just care about how fast you could finish. No puns to the former either. Fast is good; given the right reasons.

Jamie claims this is his "stoned" face cause no sleep the day before.
I didn't participate in this year's edition and I know many of you were very surprised. Well, give me time and I will get back on track. I've a few races coming up in mind but I'll be very selective of which ones I would do. This is just to keep my training fresh and I hope I don't get burned out like I previously did. 

Anyways, I did go to MPIB 2013 as "the kepoh photographer on the bike". Glad to have met so many friends, the usual suspects and new. Of course I was also there to show support to my Dutamas Runners gang.

The usual suspects (photogs).
There is more they weren't around this area.
Since I didn't run in this race, I couldn't comment much about it but it seems that everything went well that morning. A strong turnout of runners already gathered at Padang Merbok as early as 5 AM and the anticipation built till the first gun off.

Ronnie See whizzed through with purpose.
I mainly went to 3 different spots during the race to shoot. First was at the Mahameru Highway (just before entering Bukit Tunku) which wasn't an ideal spot to shoot as I would had thought initially. Just as the female leading runner was passing by, the street lights decided to turn off! My first few shots were all blur and dark; missing out mostly all the lead pack runners. I've no choice but to gostan balik to a brighter spot; which was at the traffic light bridge. It was still early light and lighting is extremely challenging. But I managed to stay on till the last few runners passed.

Yim Heng Fatt aka the return of Sarong Party Boy
with balloons tied to his back.
Flying somewhere? ;)
Next I cycled towards Persiaran Sultan Sallahuddin. The 5KM runners passed by here earlier and there were still some passing through. It didn't take long until the lead packs of the 12KM and 8KM came whizzing through the quiet road. It was a great spot for shots with lovely green background  but I couldn't stay too long as I was viciously attacked by mosquitoes! How I wished I had my repellent with me.

Michelle Looi in her custom made running tee.

With that I headed straight downhill towards Tugu Negara and shot whatever I could from a junction. Less mosquitoes this time. 

Yvonne showing off her proudly earned
4th placing for the Women Open 5KM category.
Midway through, Von texted me "4th place!" and later "Raymond 6th!". Wow! Two DR gang podium winners. Ain't that bad. Congratulations to you both.

Met Yvonne back at the main venue and she had her K4 tag hung around her neck happily greeting me. (ps: She ran with a running dress/ skirt while at it too)

While she went to change, met with the others as well.

All in all it was a great day. I kinda regretted that I didn't join this run but I wasn't really ready for a round of Bukit Tunku considering I hadn't been there since SCKLM. But I indeed had a great day and enjoyed myself. As Jamie put it; the "Bandit Volunteer".
Bandit Volunteer? Me?
Photo courtesy of Kahwai Low. 

So here are the links to my sets of shots from MPIB 2013. And again congrats to all the podium winners!

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

Set 04

Set 05

And here are some random shots taken with the wonderful peeps at the event.

The ever cheerful and sexay emcee of the day, Julie Wong.
Flanked by champions!

The volunteers! The real "engine" behind the event.
Just wanted to show Tomatoman's cute pose in his podium shot.
He definitely is HAPPY. 
Banyak duri around the roses.
Last shot of the day with happy faces.


  1. i notice you taking picture. i'm doing 8km, hopefully can do 12km next year. anyway terima kasih sukarelawan :) it's a well organise event

    1. How was your run Joe? Did I manage to capture a picture of you? :)


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