Thursday, 27 June 2013

SCKLM 2013 is postponed & thoughts about it.

Well, it's official. After a week of speculation, it has finally been announced that the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 is going to be postponed to 29th September 2013.

More info could be found here for the organizers.

Despite the mixed reactions from the public, honestly I think it was a wise decision. Personally, I am recovering from viral fever and I am not at my peak. And I slowly see friends and love ones getting sick or admitted to hospital closer to the event date. Yes, in a way I was sad and disappointed when I got ill. I was off training for 10 days during my tapering weeks and I had a tough time trying to get back my momentum. The announcement of the postponement couldn't come at a better time.

So let's analyse the whole situation:

1. The Haze - Despite being almost cleared, it still pose a health threat. You will never know what will happen on Sunday. Of course, I did say that I was going to pretend that I was running the "Marathon Des Sables" aka The Dessert Marathon. But jokes aside, it does pose a health threat especially when you are doing a full marathon. Imagine all the dirty air you are sucking in. It's like stuffing your face in a vacuum cleaner bag!

2. The "3 Month" bonus - I'm looking at the situation positively. To some who said that they trained hard and they weren't able to run is a bunch of "bull". I wouldn't believe that one just train for just this ONE event and do not do other runs the rest of the year. AS of now, we have an extra 3 months before SCKLM. So for those who fell sick; this is some payback time. And in between, there are so many competitive races. Just re-direct your priorities and don't have to be unhappy of the whole situation.

3. Make your current goals into better ones! - I personally was aiming that SCKLM would be my race to beat my PB. But now I have more time to better improve myself and probably I could do better in September.

4. Satisfying everyone (or maybe not) - Well, it's hard to satisfy everyone but we have to count our blessings that the event is NOT cancelled. There has been many international events that has met with challenges and was postponed/cancelled and whatever. The organizers made the call and we have to respect the decision made. No offence, but seriously you want to run in the haze? I want to feel a great sense of achievement after my run; not be rewarded with an asthma attack (God forbid).

5. Keep Calm and Keep Training - As runners, our trainings will always go on. So don't be sad and hold your head up high! Keep a positive mind and take this as an opportunity to further improve yourself. Who knows that by September; you will be able to do better than your initially would.

So there you have it. I hope my thoughts make sense and I believe many would agree. Whatever it is, we would still continue to run. Make the best of the situation and let's just concentrate for whatever races that you will be doing next week 7th July before the fasting season.

Gambateh everyone! :)

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