Sunday, 23 June 2013

Race Report : Mizuno Wave Run 2013 + my last weekend LSD.

The finisher medal
Yes. It has been that long since my last blog entry. I’ve meant to write something; especially on how I was training up for SCKLM. But then I realised, I’m just gonna stress myself out and putting my expectations too high. Instead, I’ve opted a more realistic goal this time and not beat myself up.

Besides that, I had things to take care of. And it was all for the best. J

So back to the topic!

Mizuno Wave Run (for the first time) is being held at Putrajaya with a distance of both 16km and 7 km category. At first I was surprised; being that it was usually done at UPM with the usual 10km route. But I’m always open for changes.

However this time (because of training plan as well), I’ve opted this race to be my LSD + extra mileage to make up at least 32km. So there was no racing for time.

The start line
 My morning started at 4am at Palace of Justice. Made prior arrangements with Hui and Tilak to do 16km first before race started. But my morning started badly with tummy upsets. Blame it on the swimming I did the day before when I swallowed (TWICE!) a mouthful of pool water.

The portaloos were still locked. Maybank toilets were shut. I ran around like crazy until I found one that was hidden away from view. Thank goodness. I quickly did whatever I needed to do and met up with the guys.  Chatter was to a minimal and we started with our run. The first 10km was pretty good and I manage to keep my marathon pace with Speedy Hui; whom just finished Sundown the week before and he still looks fresh. Gotta salute the fellow.

Then, it happened again......

Dammit! I was in agony. I slowly let the guys head on as I didn’t want to hold them up. To cut the story short, I had a few options:

1.       Stand and wait for help. Flag any passing vehicle down.
2.       Take a chance; look for public loo. In pain.
3.       Be daring; Do the bushes.

Bullocks, I almost did option 3. Really desperate.

Finally I did find one loo at Dataran Gemilang and I couldn’t be any happier. But I was all too exhausted to carry anything on after that.  I slowly jog towards my car and heard the emcee announcing that they will start soon. At this point, I was contemplating if I could still go on. I gulped down a bottle of water, downed a pack of gel, headed towards the starting line and see how things went.

Met a few buddies and the gun was off. I treaded along the crowd and my mood was slightly lifted when some showed support and encouragement. Petronas was just in sight in less than 1.5km and I quickly bought a bottle of Gatorade to keep myself hydrated. Everything went smooth from thereafter.

Although I wasn’t able to keep my expected marathon pace constantly, I still kept going and the tummy behaved. Fortunately the weather was fine as the day progressed.

The route was generally flat with gradual rolling hills. It was a breeze for regulars as it’s reminisces MH & PNM race routes.  I had a good time running alongside friends I met along the way. Most were just curious why I’m on a slow pace.

It’s good to be just enjoying the race instead of racing for a new PB. It was all the joy that made me forget all the pain. Not of course until the last 2 water stations ran out of water! Not wanting to break momentum, I just went on.

I came back at the finish line and clocked 28km total at that point. I need another 4kms to make up the 32. Queued to get my hydration and goodie bag, say hi to few of the guys and I went on to continued my run. It was a lonely run again as I was alone again on the long winding road. I decided to join back the route somewhere around PICC and saw the remaining last runners making through the final 2 km. I slowly joined them, quick nod and moved on. One of the bike marshals kept encouraging me to push on. I slowly smiled back and politely told him that I’ve already finished my race and I’m just doing the extra. He chucked a laugh and told me to carry on; nodding the same time in acknowledgement. Yes, we runners are crazy sometimes. Oh.... the things we do.

500m more to the finish line but I decided since that I’m on a roll; let’s just roll out another km or so just to rill up 33-34km.

All in all, it was a great race and to double up as my LSD. If only that I didn’t had that tummy ache attack; everything was fine.

The organization of race was good and the organizing team were great. Except for the minor hiccup on the last 2 water stations. Route wise is great with gradual rolling hills.

And now let’s hope all my hard work wouldn’t go to waste; especially now that the haze is terrible.

Crossing fingers the weather will clear up by SCKLM. 

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  1. Wah! Ini Kamen Rider sure is hebat! :)

    Saw you doing that final 4K alone when we were driving back and it was drizzling already. Such grit.

    All the best next week!

    Let's hope weather clears up.


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