Monday, 5 November 2012

MPIB "My First Run Clinic"

Over the last weekend, I decided to take the Saturday off from work as I had an extremely long week working throughout the Haji Holidays. It has kinda affected my training runs and I was telling the DR gang that I desperately need to do some running outdoors. To be honest, I'm sick of treadmills since it has been always raining in the evening. 

Saturday morning both me and Vons headed to Bukit Aman to attend the weekly MPIM (Multi Purpose Insurance Run) My First Run Clinic catered to beginners and intermediate runners alike.

Mark Williams was the guest speaker for that week and covered on some basic topics of fitness and performances. But before that, we had to do a 7km run first.

Wan (from Runners Malaysia) chatting with Mark Williams before the run.
The run started from Bukit Aman Carpark and heading towards Lake Gardens.
Although only a short distance, it was quite a challenging route with a good amount of hills. Me and Vons were pacing each other (and gossiping) along the way. Just our way of catching up on news and what better way to pace with the Female Champion of BDFR 2012. Dun play play, she packs a mean pace if she needs to.
Met up with Sharon and Michael along the way. 
We were pretty much done in less than 40 minutes. A slow, easy relax pace as we didn't want to tire ourselves as we have a long day ahead of us. We were also conserving energy as we wanted to pia for our respective races the next day. Me for GE run; she for Powerman.

As we came back, we bumped into Sharon and Michael after their morning run. I admire both their dedication on training. They do pack loads of mileage per week.

Listening attentively to Mark. 
Mark Williams talking about basic topics on fitness and performances. 
 Our return was welcomed with an abundance of water, isotonic drinks and bananas. They really treated us well.

Mark Williams covered topics on fitness and performances as the participants listened attentively. I've known Mark since last year's SCKLM running clinics. He is the official Head Coach for SCKLM and also by day he is a teacher at the Alice Smith School. Currently he holds an impressive record of podium finishing in major races and is currently also the Champion of the last MPIB Run for Men's Veteran Category.

His advice and sharing is very resourceful and the participants were in good hands. 

A token of appreciation to Mark.
 Mark was presented with a token at the end of the clinic. Out of the blue, Wan called out Vons to present the fruit basket. Von stared at me blankly for a moment and I was laughing out loud. It must have been because of her running dress. We couldn't stop talking about it as it got some pretty rave reviews that morning. Tell me, have you seen anyone dressed this fashionably for a run? I kid you not, it's really a running dress.

From left with Jamie Pang (Runners Malaysia) and the other DR gang, Vons, me and Chin Ann.
Pre spotted?
For those of you keen on joining the upcoming MPIB Run 2013, do click here. Do register soon as to to avoid any disappointments later. It will be held at Padang Merbok on 6th January 2013. A great run for the start of the year.

For more info on the MPIB Running clinics, do click here.

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