Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Brooks PureDrift (Men) Unboxing Review

You know how excited I get every time I get a new pair of shoes. I can self proclaim myself as a Imelda wannabe judging from the shoes I have. I lost count (actually I could, but it's just plain scary). No I don't have any shoe fetish. Don't get any ideas. ;)

The good people of Brooks Malaysia recently selected a few individuals (runners/bloggers) to give a test drive on the new Brooks PureDrift. How can I say "NO". I can't turn down shoes, u  know....

This is just a quick review from the unboxing and merely a review on the aesthetics and the technology behind the shoes. An in-depth review will be up as soon as I give them a few more trial runs.

Get it? The "UN-BOX-ING".
Hello there! What have we got here?
 When I first receive the shoes, my first reaction I got was "Wait, this box can't be this light?". The box was unbelievably light, almost as if it was empty.

Opening the box reveals a bright yellow pair of shoes. So majestic, so royal, so ME!

Yes, I do have a thing for funky colour shoes. I usually like something that is out of the norm.

Brooks PureDrift revealed! A thing of beauty.
 The shoes were extremely light upon holding it. Even holding it feels like a glove. The Brooks PureDrift would be the lightest shoe in the current existing Pure Project range. It weights only 5.6 ounces. It's a new addition on top of the existing Pure Connect, Pure Flow, Pure Cadence & Pure Grit. PureDrift would be launching in early 2013 (that is January 2013) under the Pure Project 2 line.

Let's look through and see up close on the PureDrift.

The PureDrift logo on the back of the shoe.
Features the Ideal Heel for a more secure lift off and support on every foot strike. 
Features 2 split toes for a more natural lift off.
The 2nd split is on the lateral side of the shoe for a more natural feel.
Close up of the tongue. Features a one piece tongue so that it wraps around the feet like a glove. A Navi band further secures the foot for more natural support. 
Side view of shoe sees a more curvier outsole to mimic the feet natural shape when running.
Outsole is made with the same Biomogo DNA material for adaptable cushioning. 
A close up view of the tongue with the PureDrift logo and featuring the P2 (Pure Project 2)
A slightly wider toe space to adapt weather you are wearing it with or without socks.
Shoe is made with a breathable mesh for comfort.
Bottom sole of shoe.
If you look hard enough it's shape like a human feet.
So there you go with the technical aspect of the shoes, but wait... there is more!

Here is something that I wouldn't had expected from a running shoe. PureDrift is designed in such a way that the runner can customized it accordingly to their running needs. The runner can either use the PureDrift with or without the insole. By default with the insole, the runner will feel a 4mm drop giving it a minimalistic feel to the wearer. By removing the insole, the runner will feel a 0mm drop and every strike will be closer to the ground. That is like running barefoot (almost). Let's have a look.

With the insoles intact. 
Insoles removed. Very lightweight. Comfy too.
All the components spread out.
I've been asked if once the insole is taken off, wouldn't the structure of the shoe change and in turn become loose for the wearer? Not really. Because of it's glove like design and one piece tongue, removing the insole is not an issue. It would still give the wearer a secure feel as it wraps around the feet like a glove. The breathable mesh is not a rigid material and very flexible. It still works the same with or without socks.

All in all, it's an impressive looking shoe. I've tried on with or without the insoles and with or without socks.

Look at that sexay beast!
I will write more about the PureDrift once I've given it a few more trial runs. I've given it a spin a few times and I'm pretty impressed. I would say it's a shoe worth looking at for those transitioning towards a more minimalistic lightweight shoe.

ps:/ I've also a user of a Vibram Fivefingers KSO and the barefoot feel is definitely (almost) identical to the PureDrift. More about that in my next entry. :)


  1. Cant wait to hear more about the PureDrift after you do some running in them.


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