Tuesday, 6 November 2012

You gotta love the 70's Disco scene.

Oh... I just LOVE the 70's Disco scene. Ironically I wasn't born in that era (I'm a 80's boy). Well, at least I do love the music. The best kicker is it comes with corny lyrics, fashion and pre-Dynasty hair that could probably put Nikki Minaj or Gaga to shame.

I grew up in a family that were very into the 70's fashion that probably live well beyond it's life shelve into the 80's. Looking back at my uncle's records and countless VHS tapes, it sure brings back loads of memories. Not forgetting the family photo albums of tight form fitting shirts, bell bottoms and platform shoes! The only thing missing was an Afro. The males opted a "Fleetwood Mac" Shaggy hairstyle and the females either mighty huge curl perms or the "Farah Fawcett". 

With the wonders of YouTube nowadays,  we can literally find (almost) anything on it. Including those long forgotten 70's disco videos! This was pre-MTV era.

Here is one I found, that is pretty long. Let's see how many of you remember any of this?

But the real shocker that I was able to find "Teach In - The Robot" & "Dana - Something's Cooking in the Kitchen".  Some may not know their song but it pretty much leave a lasting impression when I was a kid. I wonder why? 

Obviously 70's auto-tune at it's best. Even a robot appears in the video. Now you know that LMFAO aren't the originators. 

But my true love is still with Blondie, even till today. My first sight of Debbie Harry in "Heart of Glass" at the measly age of 6 was probably my first crush. Here is the exact same video I first saw from my uncle's collection of VHS. 

So what is your 70's disco music memory? ;)

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