Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bukit Damansara Fun Run 2012 - A fun run, celebrating our female champion & cracking Bootcamp commands

Bukit Damansara Fun Run 2012 (BDFR for short) was a fun run held last Saturday during the long Raya Haji weekend that is organized by Decanter. Yes, the restaurant / pub / hangout place. I'm sensing there is a trend coming up with establishments like this organizing such fun runs that ends with a pint or two and great amount of food. Looks like MMT is having a run of its money. 

The DR (Dutamas Runners) gang has been talking about this run for a few good months. Especially if there is a free flow of beer and food involved. I couldn't join the run as I predicted that during the Haji Holidays I would be working (as it has always been for the last few years).

Nonetheless, I said I will pop by and support if I can leave work as early as I can that evening. 

Spotted Kenny and Azam at the corner of the school about to make a dash to the finishing.
 When I arrived, I could see there was already a small stream of runners (mostly families) running on the route. I would had expected the guys would had finish by then but at the corner of my eye, I saw Azam and Kenny just passing the school and making a dash to the finishing.

OK, actually I saw them from afar chatting and running at the same time. It's when they spotted me that they made the dash; with me giving BOOTCAMP style orders! I love you guys but I have to break the "bromance" for a while. Hehehe....

Ran a good rough 200m with the guys until the finishing line and spotted Vivian and Ashek along the way. Ever the supporting husband-wife team with Vivian shooting runners at the finishing point.

Front door of Decanter. Packed!
It was a happening scene with loads of food, beers, music and fun going round.

Capt Khoo walloping his carbs. So hungry until the tham chiak face also out. 
Food aplenty!
Soon I found out that our girl, Yvonne has won the race as the first female to finish! A big congrats to Yvonne Teo. You made DR very proud!

Yvonne receiving her 1st place finishing from organizers but Capt had to photobomb the shot!
I think it was a special 1st finishing indeed as they only awarded one male and one female first finisher. No other after that. It's really an honour for Vons, ain't it? ;)

First finisher male and female. And Capt photobomb again!
The DR gang at attendance. From left, Azam, Kenny, Vons, Khoo and me.
The gang made a pact to wear our DR "Don't Think, Just Run" official shirts; sans me. I had them at the dryers unfortunately. Mine clearly just states "RUN" only.

To add more hilarity and joke on to Yvonne's expense, she got an entire box of Fa "Blue Romance" deodorant as part of her prize winnings! I kept calling her "Ms. Fa" that night and joked that she will indeed smell like "Blue Romance" for the entire year. Same issue went I won a one year supply of Sunsilk products earlier this year (which could easily be 2-3 years for my short hair). So I understand the hilarity behind it.

The "Bromance" continues under the rain, under the umbrella. 
The Bromance between the guys continues under the umbrella when it started to rain. Was it kiasu-ism, because they were close to the emcee for the night announcing the lucky draw picks. Need meh..... Indeed a  hilarious and cute sight to be behold. Anyways, none of them got their names called.

Vivian and Ashek.
The banner. 
Yes, we are always associated for a few good gwailo tea drinking. 
Kenny awarding himself with a beverage. 
Although I didn't manage to run at this event, I had a great time hanging out with the guys and met a few more at the event. All of you did great!

ps:/ I heard Capt is opting this route for our handicap run. Yikes!

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