Friday, 12 October 2012

Live Great Run 2012 Running Clinic

Well, as you all know I've been slacking a bit in training. Was trying to pick things up a little before PNM (oh gosh why oh why did I signed up 21km!) but there is always something up when I wanna go for a run. I need to prioritize my stuff. So when note came that Great Eastern is organizing a Live Great Running Clinic, I just signed up for it cause I really need a motivation push.

The event took place at Taylor's University Sunway campus and it was limited to only 200 participants (first come first serve basis). Invitations were sent to all who signed up for the upcoming Great Eastern Live Great Run 2012.
The site of the running clinic. 
The registration.
The morning started with a glitch. We were all given the directions to get to the location but was not informed that there were 2 entrances. When I drove there and arrived about 7am, there was a major clogged up of cars (other runners) at the locked gate with no other signage. I got off and asked some of the drivers if they were attending the running clinic and was wondering if we were at the right campus. Not a good start for the morning. We were all frantically searching and reading through our emails on our phones to make sure until a guard came over and told us about the other entrance. Thank goodness!

The beautiful waterfront inside the campus.
 Thinking we were late, we hurried to the other entrance which took another 2km drive. Upon arrival, the organizing team was just setting up! So much for the rushing. After registering, I just took a stroll around the campus grounds to chill. Taylor's is really a huge state of the art campus with a beautiful waterfront. A great place to study; but with a hefty price tag for their course studies. Oh, the price of education....

Hello Goosey!
 The event officially started at about 8.15am. The sun was already up and it was getting a bit hot. After some short introductions, I was expecting at least some form of run of at least 5km or so. We were introduced to 2 coaches and their teams. I forgotten their names but one is with PDRM and the other is a national SEA games athlete (no mention in what sport).

The warm up was a little too long for my liking which took about 30 minutes and there were loads of talking. I mean LOADS! I'm beginning to feel that this running clinic is really targeted at beginners rather than season runners and I was right. I could hear from the back some of the season ones were complaining.

The introduction at the running clinic. 
 After all the talking, we finally started our run. FINALLY! But because there was no mentioned of route, we just had to follow the coach from the back which moved at a "blazing speed" of 6:30-7:00 pace. Really slow and the sun is really beginning to hurt my eyes. From start point, we moved around the waterfront, carpark and around the campus. Before you know it, we were back at our startpoint again! The whole route was just a miserable 500M route. I'm speechless and I didn't even break a sweat.

End of rote, 500M only. :P
 Then we were taught about circuit training and cool down exercises. That itself took another 1 hour. It was quickly followed by a quick Q&A session.

Cool down stretching demo. 
Q&A session.
 With all the outdoor activities done, I was a little tired cause the whole thing took a little too long. Sometimes I wonder why I ain't sleeping in on a Sunday morning knowing very well I was sleep deprived for the entire week.

But still I stayed on as I was more keen towards the last program which was a talk by 2 podiatrist; namely Stella Chai and Johan Steenkamp. We were provided some snacks and ushered into one of the larger lecture halls for the talk.

Blast from the past!
 It was like stepping back in time. I suddenly felt like a college student walking into the hall. Although I didn't have such a large hall back when I was studying but this was quite an experience. Back in my days, our hall sitting arrangement was a little "bohemian" and nothing too formulated and rigid. Konon-lah I was a student of the Arts...

Stella talks about Minimalist and  Barefoot Running.
The talk was a brief but very straight to the point. Both podiatrists covered topics from running gaits, correct running techniques, injuries and etc. The usual stuff you usually hear. But what they also covered was about minimalist and barefoot running which was pretty interesting.

Correct shoe fitting.
What's a low lock and a high lock. The explanation of shoe lace tying. 
Stella & Johan answering some questions from the audience. 
The event ended sharp at 11AM and we exited with a goodie bag each. Overall it was a good event and I did learn quite a bit from it. It was a great program from Great Eastern and hoping next time it would cater for slightly season runners.

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