Monday, 24 March 2014

Polar Loop : Unboxing Review

It's here folks!

After it's announcement last year, the new Polar Loop is finally coming to Malaysia soon.

I had the privilege to test a unit out for a few months and it has been awesome so far.

PS: The author was so super excited that he unshamefully squealed when he got hold of one.

Here is what the new Polar Loop is all about. The Polar Loop is a 24/7 daily activity tracker that tracks your daily activities and feedback the benefits via your connected Apple devices (eg. Iphone or Ipad) or from the bracelet's LED screen. You wear it like a watch and this hip, fashion forward gadget will definitely be the talk among your peers. I could definitely vouch for this as I got A LOT of attention and people inquiring me about the gadget.

For Android users, fret not. You still will be able to have a summary of your daily activities when you transfer your data to your computer via the provided USB cable.

This is the first Activity Tracker in the market that is waterproof (up to 20M) & also the first to be able to connect with a Heart Rate Transmitter (via Polar H7). You could just bring this baby anywhere and fret not about getting wet!

A more detail review of the Polar Loop in my next blog post. Let's have a closer look from the unboxing first.

The Polar Loop comes in a sleek, minimalist packaging that includes the following :
- A Polar Loop Activity Tracker Bracelet
- A Polar Loop USB cable 
- Wrist measuring chart + Buckle detachment tools
- Instruction guides

The Polar Loop comes in one standard universal size and users need to cut and adjust the strap accordingly. This is great as you could custom fit it accordingly to your wrist.

First of all, you need to determine your wrist size with the provided wrist measuring chart. For in my case, it shows "5 & 4". That means I needed to cut off 5 & 4 indicated sections on each side of bracelet strap.

Then you need to unhooked the buckle with the provided special buckle detachment tool. Once the buckle is removed, proceed to cut the silicon strap according to your measurements. The sections are indicated as holes at the side of the bracelet.

Here are a few tips before cutting so that you wouldn't make any mistakes.
- I recommend that you cut the strap slightly "bigger" first before going any more shorter. This is just a safety precaution and you have better custom fit of the bracelet.
- Instead of scissors, use a sharp blade, steel ruler & cutting board to cut the silicon strap. You will have a much cleaner cut that way. But if you only have scissors, make sure they are larger ones and sharp.

Do make sure that you often check the length of the bracelet strap by wearing it often as you cut. Just make sure it isn't too tight or too loose. It should be a perfect fit like your favorite watch. After all, you want to wear the bracelet with style and comfort and NOT the other way round.

Once you have your custom fit done, don't forget to charge it! Your first charge would be around 2-3 hours.

The Polar Loop charges with the supplied propitiatory USB cable charger. Just plug it on your laptop. It also doubles as a data transfer. Just make sure you have Polar Flow installed in your laptop before proceeding any further.

Attaching the USB cable to your Polar Loop for charging and data transfer is easy. You won't go wrong on which side to attach. It fits like a jigsaw puzzle and it's secured with it's magnetic hook. 

The bracelet would start charging as per indicated on the LED screen of the bracelet. 

As of to date (accordingly to the unit I'm testing), every new Polar Loop should have a new update upon first connection to Polar Flow; the mobile and web service app for Polar Loop. So far I've already had 3 updates on the Polar Loop during the last couple of months of testing. It provided me with more information of my daily activities and goals in my Polar Flow account. Pretty awesome, right? ;)

I'll be following up with an in-detail review of the Polar Loop in the near future.

In the mean time, here are technical specs of the Polar Loop:
Activity guidance
24/7 activity tracking
Activity Guide
Activity Benefit
Activity zones
Smart Calories
Sleep duration and quality
Distance measured in activity
Inactivity alert with Polar Flow mobile app
Advanced activity analysis at Polar Flow mobile app and web service
Training diary at Polar Flow web service

Heart rate guidance (with optional heart rate sensor)
Heart rate in beats per minute

Waterproof for swimming
Custom-fit bracelet
Time of day
Display texts in English
Data transfer via custom USB cable or Bluetooth Smart via Polar Flow mobile app
Memory capacity 12 days activity data
Rechargeable battery with 5 days continuous use
Web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, or later, and PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or later
Mobile app compatibility with iOS 7 (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod touch 5th generation) or later

For more info of Polar Loop, click on this link at Polar Loop's official website.

Fore more images, click on this link to my personal FB fanpage.

Polar Loop is going to be launched soon in Malaysia and pre-orders can be made at Athlete's Circle Malaysia (Jaya One). Do call 03-7960 2313 for more information.

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