Monday, 10 March 2014

Kevin Lin - "Expedition in the World" Talk + Trail Workshop at Bukit Kiara.

Just recently Kevin Lin, a famous Taiwanese Ultramarathoner came to Malaysia recently to talk & share about his experiences. A trail workshop was also conducted by Ray Lee at Bukit Kiara after the talk. This was one of his many sharing sessions during his 3 days visit here. Sharing and workshop is conducted at Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah.

Here is a brief history of his achievements so far.

2006. RacingThePlanet 4desert Champion Grand Slam.
2007. 7500KM/111days run across the Sahara desert, Senegal to Egypt Red Sea.
2011. 10000KM/150days run silk road, Istanbul to Xina China.
2013. 2400KM/40days run across the Gobi Desert (SOLO)
2013. Lyrics, “Dream”. Jay Chou 2013new Album Opus 12
2007. Movie, Running the Sahara. Producer by Matt Damon
2008. Move, beyond the Arctic. 
2013. Special Actor, The Rooftop. Director by Jay Chou.

For those who missed his talk, here is a video recorded during his visit here. Please do excuse all the sudden shakes as I was holding the camera and I didn't use a tripod.

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