Sunday, 16 March 2014

Malaysia Women Marathon 2014 : Race Report & Photos

The day was great.

Everyone was pumped and ready to go.

The weather was incredibly great the day before.

And then the haze decided to come and pay a visit early that morning.

Nonetheless, the 2nd Malaysia Women Marathon 2014 is still a go but with a few changes. With a heavy heart and the most sensible decision made by the race director, Karen Loh and the organizers; the race is to proceed but will be changed into a non-competitive race. All cash prizes are converted and donated to charities and prizes from sponsors are converted to lucky draw items.

Runners are advised on the weather conditions and still will be able to get their finisher items if they wish or not to race. All the beautiful women & kind gentlemen in the midst responded well to the situation and the weather did not dampened the spirits of everyone. The start time for each category started as per scheduled and without a hitch.

The day went well as everyone returned with smiling faces. Good job and well done friends!

I didn't race but I felt the emotion and excitement with my fellow runners and friends.

Worry not as we shall conquer again next year fro MWM 2015!

For more photos, please do browse through the following links :

Album 1

Album 2

Feel free to tag photos but do remember to photo credit if you wish to use the images for personal use.

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