Thursday, 23 August 2012

The feeling when you are new to biking

If you are new to biking or experiencing the same thing as a veteran, you know what I'm saying. ;)

Lately I have been doing loads of leisure rides myself and did I mentioned that I have the great "pleasure" of staying in a neighbourhood with loads of hill elevations? It's pretty exciting at the beginning but it starts to kill you 1/3 of the way.

But look at this way. Cycling up hills is a challenge; same like when we run uphills to train for speed. Your lungs are fully opened, you breathe in more as you slowly pace up and you get to enjoy a great view at the top. Or for some people, the thrill of speeding down the hill.

NOTE TO SELF: I got a lot of serious questionable stares from people thinking who is this lunatic huffing and puffing like a wounded dog. Try breathing in and out discreetly when cycling uphill.

Perhaps I'm new to this but I'm not really crazy about speeding downhill. Foremost, I'm a pussy when it comes to speeding down. Will my brakes able to stop in time? Will my weight create a lot of unnecessary momentum? Will a car suddenly swerve in? All these thoughts will flash before me eyes. Call me a whimp but I rather be safe.

NOTE TO SELF AGAIN : Don't come down the hill with one hand on the brakes and one hand drinking from a water bottle. I have to learn this the hard way. I had an embarrassing accident last week when I slammed the brakes suddenly when some kid surprised me with a loud firecracker bang! I had what I call a "SPECTACULAR" frontal swung forward landing over my bike handles but with the tail of the bike slamming onto my back. No prefect 10 for that. I'm just glad that it's not my face for the landing.

In the meantime, I'm still cycling around housing areas. Even that is a challenge in itself. Vehicles speeding in a housing community is plain crazy. SPEEDING, yes you read it correctly. Where every Proton car thinks they are Ferraris.

Whatever it is, be safe on the road and don't let ego overcome your judgement.
It's OK to be a "pussy" on the road sometimes; save the energy to be a Tiger in the *ahem*...

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