Sunday, 26 August 2012

Go Blog with Brooks!

I feel honoured. Why? Just being invited for a blogger’s gathering, that is. First of all, it’s my first. Kinda feel intimidated being that I’m just a small peanut compared to the big name bloggers around.

Brooks Malaysia has been kind enough to invite a select few bloggers (runners themselves no doubt) to launch a blog campaign; aptly name “Blog with Brooks”. Held at The Curve - Mutiara Damansara, attendees are introduced with the launch of their new line that is coming up. Actually it’s more of an update of their current line, but nonetheless existing news for running fanatics and Brooks fans.

With its new marketing campaign to better define the Brooks running shoe line, shoes are categorized in either the “Float” or “Feel” category. This makes it easier for consumers to better understand their running shoe needs. We were treated to a firsthand look on its new line and I can definitely tell you, I’m salivating. Being a Brooks convert myself since last year, I’ve already own 3 pairs ; Adrenaline GTS 11, Glycerine 8 & Adrenaline ASR 8. Although I have other shoe brands in my arsenal, I primarily use Brooks for my training and races.

The Product Specialist explains the technology that goes behind Brooks.

The host explained to the participants on a brief history of Brooks and the technology that goes behind it. I am quite a sucker for product details and I was in for a treat! The product specialist further explained about the “Float & Feel” concept and how it’s targeted at runners with specific needs. Without sounding too technical, let me try to lay it out on layman’s term.

I personally fall under the “Float” category as I love anything with the support, the cushion, the structure and the build. I don’t care so much for colour choices but I usually like anything that is bright and striking; and Brooks never failed me on that part. I love the newly designed red Glycerine 10! (Am I hinting too much that I WANT one?).

Glycerine 10. The WANT list in my arsenal. See my "WANT" face!

The “Feel” category (or Pure Project) is basically Brooks version of minimalistic shoes aim for runners who prefers a more better contact feel to the ground and it’s lightweight. With its striking colours and minimalistic approach, runners are spoilt with choices!

To better understand on where the category of shoes fall into. 
The “Blog with Brooks” competition was announced during the 2nd half of the event. Runners (or running bloggers) are called to participate in a month long campaign to showcase Brooks and its products. Being a noob runner and noob blogger myself, I think this is pretty much a good start. Participants are required to start up a Facebook page to begin with and in order to be in the running to win the prizes. Blog updates will be linked through the FB page. In the mean time, do like my FB page here! (not force la) . Besides sharing my usual blog updates, I think this is a good chance to also share my experiences with the Brooks brand and hopefully be a resourceful tool for others who are looking into the their brand of shoes.

Further explanation to how the contest works.
Wow, that was a mouthful. It’s no easy task as there will be weekly themes for bloggers. Sounds like a weekly run training plan! Stay tune for more and let the “games” begin!

In the mean time, Do enjoy the other photos taken during the event. 
Food, food, GLORIOUS FOOD! Generous helpings prepared by the host.
Goofing around with our Brooks shoes. Look at Gus hiding behind trying to catch a bite!
Bloggers / Runners at attendance.

I wanna "Feel" & I wanna "Float"

We can't stop with group pics.

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