Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Moving On AC

So what is it with this title?

People often say “Just move on, bro”. Either it’s meant to be an encouragement or just a stop a boring conversation and just move on. I kinda preferred the former.

Life hasn’t really been a bed of roses and so I usually just take things with a pinch of salt and (hopefully) move on; either it’s slow or fast. So let’s move on.

AC has actually been my nickname for a few years and it just stucked. It’s actually just my initials; my Christian name Andrew and my surname. Often I’m been mistakenly associated with Athlete’s Circle (which I’m not) who also shares the same short initials. Just to be clear.

A brief intro of myself? Well, I don’t like to talk about work (so let’s not go there). I’m pretty much a person who likes explore and find “adventures”. Over the years, I developed a liking to running. To begin with, I’m not a runner. I never was.

Strangely enough both my parents were and so is one of my uncles. Both my parents were active Hashers back in their days. Looking through all their photos always seemed to amaze me. Running miles and miles in thick forest and jungles to scaling Mt. Kinabalu and etc. There is a huge family joke about how I was “conceived”.  Both my parents scaled Kinabalu together and if you know how to count approximately 9 months, I was born. I could never confirm whether this was true but it would be cool if it was. But alas, my parents hit a stumble and were divorced when I was 5 and pretty much I didn’t have much contact with dad over the years. But mom still remained active in her running routine. Mom calls it “Moving On”. Ah ha! There it is...

Mom retired from running over the years and gradually turned to Tai Chi instead. Old folks workout, I often said but did her bug bit me?

To begin with I hated running when I was young. I never made it to my alma mater’s track team and I loathe the annual school “Merentas Desa” events. More often than not, mom and uncle often took me out to Ipoh’s Polo Ground for jogs (more like force) and still I never liked it. I’d preferred my Taekwondo rather than run around in loops.

I remembered my first “real” run event. Putrajaya Night Marathon (PNM) in 2010. I just signed up out of fun to accompany my friends who were running the 7.7km fun category. But as soon as things got started, I kinda got hooked. Maybe perhaps it was the crowd and excitement. I never looked back since.

As time goes by, mom was happy that I took up running BUT as with any mother’s concern, she thinks I’m over doing it! Moms never change, whatever your age.

So, enough at the moment. More coming up laterz...


  1. A very good explanation about your self. i find your blog is so inspiring and fun to read. Inspiring because just start running and i have a goal to loose weight and run 10k someday in early 2013.

    i found your site from brookmalaysia facebook page.

    1. Thanks Matjoe! Once you start running, you would run more. Glad that it serves as an inspiration for you. Keep it up and good luck. Do start out slow and train well for it. I'm sure to see you in the 10k circuit one day. :)


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