Monday 12 May 2014

Rudy Project Firebolt : Unboxing Review

Unveiling the new Rudy Project Firebolt!
A new frame sport sunglasses by the Italian makers, Rudy Project.

The new Rudy Project Firebolt - Lime Gloss Photoclear. Profile View

When I got my hands on this pair of sunnies, I couldn't be more excited to try them on. Hey, I'm a guy who love his sunglasses on every outdoor activity. Anybody who saw my previous sunnies could vouch how battered and seasoned it is. And who wouldn't be swooned over by such Italian craftsmanship, class and fashionably chic! But most importantly, it's the functionality that counts.

So let's get right into the unboxing of the Rudy Project Firebolt.

What's in the box.
The unit I received for review is the Firebolt Lime Gloss with Photoclear lens. In the box are the Firebolt itself, a soft microfiber casing and instructional guide. Pretty straightforward.

The Firebolt is incredibly ultralight; weighting at only 9 ounces (26 grams).

Firebolt with Microfiber casing.
When storage, the Firebolt is folded into the microfiber casing. For more protection, you could opt for a full covered casing that could be purchased separately.

Side by side comparison with Firebolt's brother - The Stratofly

For Rudy Project users and fans, this model may look similar to a current existing model. That is because it's actually the brother/companion of the Stratofly series. The key difference are between a full frame (Firebolt) and half frame (Stratofly) AND also a different cut to the lenses.

Generally I like them both but from past experiences, I'm much better off with full frame eyewear. I lost count on how many half frame sunnies I've dropped and broke the lens.

So now let's look at the close ups.

Lense close up - With air vents.
One of the unique features of the Firebolt are the air vents on the side of each lens. Called the "Integrated Air Conditioning" System, it naturally keeps flow of air into the lens during wear to prevent fog up and also keep your eyes "cool". This is actually great as it doesn't rely on some special coating on the lenses that will fade off over time. It took me less than 5-10 seconds to have the fog cleared up during a run. Major good points for that!

Firebolt logo
The inner parts of the frame (for this model) are Neon Green and guaranteed to be eye catching. It's wrapped around anti-slip system with soft rubber temple tips. True enough it didn't flung off my face when I've tortured it to some extreme trail running.

Adjustable Ergo IV Nosepiece and inserts for RX Optical Inserts.
Heading towards the nosepiece are the ultra comfortable and adjustable Ergo IV nose piece. A closer look are also inserts for optional RX Optical Inserts for prescription wear. They are discreet and still packs a good look.

Photoclear lens.

This model comes with Rudy's Photoclear lens which reacts to UV lighting. The lens would gradually darkened accordingly to the outdoor conditions without affecting the wearer's vision. This feature works well for me as I often go in and out of trails with very different lighting conditions. Previously I have to repeatedly
put on or remove my glasses according to the conditions. Well, not anymore! I even wore it at night and I could still see what is in front of me. Brilliant!

Removable Quickchange lenses. 
The Quickchange lenses are removable and there is a variety of lenses to choose from like Smoke Black, Transparent, Multilaser Orange and Hi-Contrast. There could be purchased separately at Rudy Project dealers.

Last but not least, the "Made in Italiano" sign engraved at the side of the tips. Assured that is not another "Made in China" knock off.

So far I've tested out the Firebolt on 2 races; both Xterra Trail Championships and Deuter Trail Run. I've also used them in my daily runs. I must say I'm impressed with it and being the "rough user" that I am known to be; it handled well and suited to my activities. Despite the minor accident of dropping it and the accidental scratch (someone banged into my poor glasses at Deuter during the slide obstacle), it took the beating quite well despite owning it for less than 2 weeks!

The Rudy Project Firebolt is now currently available at all participating dealers and this model is retailing at RSP RM760.

A big thanks you to Rudy Project Malaysia Brunei for letting me review this lovely masterpiece.

For full specs of the Firebolt, do click here.

For more photos and views of the Firebolt, click here.


  1. Lovely... but am more partial at the half-frame stratofly. *drool*

    1. Ask the hubby to sponsor. ;)

    2. and use which card to pay? LOL

    3. Ask hubby to pay in cash instead. Hahaha...

  2. Tempting la... aiyoh! (tampar dahi)..

  3. Nice report!

    I'm looking around a pair of sunglasses for my situation (shortsighted/400, farsighted/175). My regular sports are out door running, cycling. And also wanna use the sunglasses when I driving under the sunny days.

    So would the photochromic + progressive lenses good/possible for the Rudy Project Firebolt ?

    1. Hi Brian. Yes, I do think it is great. On sunny days its great but for some people who are used to dark lenses; this might get a bit of using to. Besides the photochromatic ones; there are other version of lenses available as well. However, you may want to check of the clip ons for your prescription. You could always pop by Rudy Project Concept Store at Jaya Shopping Complex and they can advise you on this.

      Happy Hunting! :)


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