Friday 4 July 2014

Standard Chartered KL Marathon Thanks Loyal Runners - Vox Pop Video

Kena "interrogation"

And here it is. Remember a few weeks back I did mentioned about an "interview" I was going to do with a few of my running buddies. Well, here it is!

The Zainal Family - Zaini, Raimie & Marlina (Lina's Backyard Fame)

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon people has a special video done to thank all loyal runners; like me and you. Thanks to the SCKLM team for organizing and it was indeed a great experience. I was unusually nervous when I did the interview (hence I figured why my part was heavily edited. :P) but it was great to be in the company of friends.

So here is a special video HOT out of the oven. Enjoy!

Sunday 8 June 2014

Race Experience Rantings : Sundown Singapore 2014

There I was standing and waiting at the Singapore F1 pits near the Singapore Flyer with my buddies. It was hot and humid. I was already sweating buckets even before race started. In fact, I was already losing too much fluid the day before when we arrived for Sundown Singapore!

6 hours before the race started, I was already trying to keep my “cool”; both mentally and physically. My short nap in my air condition room wasn’t helping much and I flushed down on fluids regularly. I woke up to find Colin chilling at the lounge area of where we were staying; just in time for the others to join us for a small pre-race snacks and banter. Later, we bid good luck and send off our friends who were racing the 10K race.

Photo courtesy of Leen.
Standing at the start pits with thousands of other marathoners; conquering the night and roads of Singapore is astonishing and exciting. But that night we had the humid weather to accompany us. I was told much later it was about 35 degrees. That’s like standing under the hot afternoon sun! Trying my best to keep upbeat and calm while the live entertainment was going on. I slowly made my way closer to the start line; losing both Ying Hui and Thian Hui who were doing a faster pace. I lost the others way before we entered the paddocks! I saw the 4:30 pacers at a corner and made sure I passed them; telling myself that I wouldn’t want to see them throughout the race.

It has been 12 weeks of constant and dedicated training with ACAC (Athlete’s Circle Athletic Club). I was just fresh from my HM PB at 2XU SG back in late February and I almost immediately started the programme with fresh determination that I would surpass my FM PB. The target was to achieve my Sub 4:30. A few days before, Coach Edan briefed me through a race pace according to my current performance and well being. I thought he was completely nuts when he told me I could sustain at a much faster pace than I originally initiated. I told him I’ll do my best and if I couldn’t do it, at least I tried.

Random thoughts raced through my mind when I waited for the countdown. I quickly looked back at the pacers again, turned to front and said a prayer. I prayed that for whatever it may come, my feet will continue to bring me forward to the finishing.

The race started on time; 11:30PM sharp.

Deep breathes in and off I went. It was difficult to keep at my strategy pace as majority of the runners kept pushing forward fast. I removed the music from my ears to hear my surroundings. I haven’t put them back on since. My senses went on overdrive.

In less than a click, the 4:30 pacers passed me!

Bollocks! What the hell is happening?!

I kept thinking this is extremely bizarre for them to push out so soon into the race. I glanced at my watch and looked at my pace. “Stay calm. Don’t burst out so soon”, I told myself.

The first part of the race was at Nicoll Highway and has a very straight, flat road.  I slowly overtook and slipped through as many runners as possible. The plan was great until we were forced to stop a couple of times at junctions along Stadium Boulevard and Stadium Walk for traffic. Some of drivers cursed at us and some of the runners retaliated with words and “bodily gestures”. I was annoyed but I didn't want to let my emotions to get the best of me. I let off a huge loud huff as I went along.

10K – Jolene had advised me earlier on to at least sustain a strong first 10K and let the rest take over; which I managed to do. I managed to hit my timing right on the dot, My race strategy was followed according to plan despite a bumpy start. And then.....

The crazy mental part of ECP. Looks ridiculously long than anticipated.
12K – 33K something/whatever la -  The dreaded ECP stretch. The most feared route for any marathons or races held at Singapore. Infamous for its concrete paths, over smooth tar roads and occasional narrow paths. Couldn’t blame the organizers but there really isn’t much road in Singapore to race a marathon fully on road alone. For some strange reason, lights would go off randomly along the route and I tripped and stumbled a few times with other runners. It also happened along the dark, uneven roads before entering ECP. It was disheartening that I couldn’t regain my momentum but I was determined to soldier on.

Somewhere along the 15K, I knew I was behind time but determined to hold on to my strategy given by Coach Edan. Nutrition wise, at least. The humidity was no help and the sounds of waves from the beach couldn’t put a smile on face. There was just no wind and air was stiff. I started feeling dizzy and drenched myself in every water station possible.

Then the heavens opened as I passed just right after the half way point. I couldn’t be more grateful as the cool rain poured over me and I picked up the pace. However, I feared the same situation 2 years back when it rained continuously for almost 3 hours and I cramped up badly. But alas, the rain was short lived and it radiated heat from the ground.

“Great......Just great!” I whispered sarcastically to myself.

I felt like every inch of my pour soul has been sucked out of my body and I was forced to occasionally walk. I could feel my shoes heating up and pain started to inch through the soles of my feet.

My mind was playing tricks and I kept “threatening” myself not to hit the wall. I was extremely tempted to jump right in front of an ambulance that was coming towards me but the thought of looking like a suicidal lunatic retracted my decision.  I didn't know why I had thoughts of doing that. VERY unlikely of me.

“Hey dude. You've trained so hard. The countless hours, the early mornings and late night runs. Don’t give up. It’s a waste if you just give in now”. Thoughts started to pour out.

OR there was the occasional crude thoughts like. “Oi Bugger! Giving up so easily because of heat? You’ve been through this before. Run all you can, walk if you need, crawl if you must. Stopping and not finishing is not an option!”

At this point, I was somewhere close to 30K. I glanced at my watch and told myself a Sub-5 seemed achievable at this rate and point. Go for it!

And off I went.

33K – to the finishing (or so I thought) – I couldn’t be happier when I left ECP park and landed my feet on the more common roads of Singapore. I screamed out at the top of my lungs “Good Bye ECP and Good Riddance!” The others runners around me glared at me like a crazy man but I couldn’t had cared less. I’m just glad that I have another 9K to go.

Despite feeling tired, I still felt fine thought I was running much slower that I needed to. My shoes and socks were still wet and I suspected a few of my toe nails were about to come off. It made even harder to push on when I came across a few familiar faces on the road and they were struggling too. I couldn’t believe at the sight. These were the people who usually would have finished the race by now and here they; as we try to take over each other from time to time.

Happy can jump around after a FM.
Photo courtesy of Leen.
Back on the ECP Highway, things got interesting. I’ve been warned before about a certain stretch with an elevation “that seems to never end”. It’s probably about the only high elevation throughout the whole race but its one tough cookie to swallow. None of the runners around were running up that stretch including myself. Not a single one. And mentally calculated there were at less about a 100 of us. I tried to jog a bit but gravity seems to pull you back a bit more.  

The boys!
Photo courtesy of Leen.
 By the time I’m done, passed Marina Bay and in we went to finish off the remaining 3K. My mood was picking. The marker doesn’t seem to jive right with my watch and I’ve already overheard a few of the runners I’m running with saying the same. It didn’t matter as I pushed on. And then when my watch hit the 41K mark and I still felt that I was far away, I knew this was a race that was going to be over distanced. The question is how much more?

Then my watch clicked at 42K; just below 5 hours (barely at 4:56) but I told myself “Good Job, Andrew. No PB this time but its one heck of a run despite the tough conditions”. It’s true that I couldn’t be much more proud. I thought I wouldn't have survived the entire race well.

By the time I crossed the finishing line, it was 5:04 (nett). I didn’t cry like I used too but I stood in silence for a while near the barricades. I closed my eyes and absorbed the feeling that was coming to me. I said “Thank you” and walked myself to the welfare tent. And soon much later after that, I meet up with the rest of the guys who had earlier finished their respective races or awaiting the others who had yet to return.

The AC Team! Post-Race.
Photo courtesy of Leen.

Conclusion (Post race) - Many had asked me whether I was disappointed at the race? Whether I was sad that I didn’t achieve my PB? Was I angry at the conditions and etc. The answer is NO.

I have no regrets what so ever doing this race despite knowing my fears of ECP route or whatever that came in my way. There are days when you win some and you lose some and I’ve try to learn from the good and bad from both.

Photo courtesy of Leen.
 Achieving a personal best is a bonus and testament of your hard work. But that doesn’t mean not achieving it is any much less of a credit. I’ve learned a lot from this one race alone. We may come prepared in many ways physically but the will and determination plays a big role as well. I’ve just over shot my PB by just a mere 23 minutes and I can still proudly say that this is still my 2nd fastest Full Marathon. I take that as an achievement too! To add on, this is the first time I’ve never cramped for a Full Marathon! Looks like the nutrition plan worked.

I quote from one of my sports heroine, 4-time World Ironman Champion - Chrissie Wellington.
“Seize every opportunity you have, embrace every moment. Make a mark, for all the right reasons”

 A great big thank you to my buddies at ACTraining for being there for all of us in Sundown Singapore and Coach Edan and Jolene for guiding us through this crazy 12 weeks.

All in all, I would say that Sundown Singapore 2014 was awesome despite the humidity. Will I be back again you say? You bet I will. 

PS:/ By the way, another Sundown series to go. Sundown Johor, here I come!

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Educity Sundown Malaysia 2014 : Official Launch & Press Conference

Official Launch of Educity Sundown Malaysia 2014 - VIP and Sponsors photo call

Sundown is finally expending to the shore of Malaysia and we have many reasons to be excited about it. Debuting Educity Sundown Malaysia is part of a plan to expand the Sundown Marathon brand, created in 2008 in Singapore. Previous Sundown participants would know how great and unique the experience is over the years in Singapore and finally Malaysian runners would be able to experience it for themselves in their home country.

We were recently invited for the official launch and press conference for the event. The event kick started with a welcome speech by CG Lim - Managing Director of Hivelocity Events Sdn. Bhd. Key notes and highlights pointed out the reason of Johor being chosen. The aim was to anchor a major run in the southern part of the Peninsula as major runs has often taken place at the central and northern parts. This is also to promote sports tourism from across the border and at the same time showcase the beauty of Nusajaya to visitors from overseas as well as locals.

Welcome note by CG Lim - Hivelocity Events Sdn. Bhd.
The race will feature both a 21km and 12km distance and would start and finish at the magnificent, new EduCity Sports Complex. The route is fairly flat and great for runners seeking to better their personal best or at least experience the scenery along the route. Since registration started in March, numbers has been very encouraging and slots are running out. A target of 5000 participants is expected with 2000 participants for the half marathon and 3000 participants for the 12km run.

Notes from Mr. K. Sugumaran - CEO of Education@Iskandar Sdn. Bhd.
The event was further carried on with a short note from Mr. K.Sugumaran - CEO of Education@Iskandar Sdn. Bhd. highlighting what EduCity Sports Complex has to offer and many upcoming international standard events that is going to take place at the complex in the near future.

Photo call with the Official Pacers of Educity Sundown Malaysia 2014 - Athlete's Circle Athletic Club (ACAC)
I'm pretty excited as well as I would be also part of the official pacer team for the event! Athlete's Circle Athletic Club (ACAC) will be pacing with runners on the 21km route. If you are seeking to finish the race at a certain time, watch out for us as we will be pacing to 3 different finishing times, Mainly 2:00 hours, 2:15 hours and 2:30 hours.

There is currently running clinics and training being held specifically for Sundown Malaysia participants. Look out for updates over at Sundown Malaysia's website or Facebook fanpage here at this link.

Or perhaps join us for an impromptu hand stand.
So what are you waiting for? Go sign up quickly before all the slots are taken.
Besides, we wouldn't want to take a break and escape for a "running event holiday"?
I know some has already made plans for Legoland and Hello Kitty Town as well.
*wink *wink ;)

For more photos from the launch and press conference, click here.

For more information about Educity Sundown Malaysia 2014, click here.

Monday 12 May 2014

Rudy Project Firebolt : Unboxing Review

Unveiling the new Rudy Project Firebolt!
A new frame sport sunglasses by the Italian makers, Rudy Project.

The new Rudy Project Firebolt - Lime Gloss Photoclear. Profile View

When I got my hands on this pair of sunnies, I couldn't be more excited to try them on. Hey, I'm a guy who love his sunglasses on every outdoor activity. Anybody who saw my previous sunnies could vouch how battered and seasoned it is. And who wouldn't be swooned over by such Italian craftsmanship, class and fashionably chic! But most importantly, it's the functionality that counts.

So let's get right into the unboxing of the Rudy Project Firebolt.

What's in the box.
The unit I received for review is the Firebolt Lime Gloss with Photoclear lens. In the box are the Firebolt itself, a soft microfiber casing and instructional guide. Pretty straightforward.

The Firebolt is incredibly ultralight; weighting at only 9 ounces (26 grams).

Firebolt with Microfiber casing.
When storage, the Firebolt is folded into the microfiber casing. For more protection, you could opt for a full covered casing that could be purchased separately.

Side by side comparison with Firebolt's brother - The Stratofly

For Rudy Project users and fans, this model may look similar to a current existing model. That is because it's actually the brother/companion of the Stratofly series. The key difference are between a full frame (Firebolt) and half frame (Stratofly) AND also a different cut to the lenses.

Generally I like them both but from past experiences, I'm much better off with full frame eyewear. I lost count on how many half frame sunnies I've dropped and broke the lens.

So now let's look at the close ups.

Lense close up - With air vents.
One of the unique features of the Firebolt are the air vents on the side of each lens. Called the "Integrated Air Conditioning" System, it naturally keeps flow of air into the lens during wear to prevent fog up and also keep your eyes "cool". This is actually great as it doesn't rely on some special coating on the lenses that will fade off over time. It took me less than 5-10 seconds to have the fog cleared up during a run. Major good points for that!

Firebolt logo
The inner parts of the frame (for this model) are Neon Green and guaranteed to be eye catching. It's wrapped around anti-slip system with soft rubber temple tips. True enough it didn't flung off my face when I've tortured it to some extreme trail running.

Adjustable Ergo IV Nosepiece and inserts for RX Optical Inserts.
Heading towards the nosepiece are the ultra comfortable and adjustable Ergo IV nose piece. A closer look are also inserts for optional RX Optical Inserts for prescription wear. They are discreet and still packs a good look.

Photoclear lens.

This model comes with Rudy's Photoclear lens which reacts to UV lighting. The lens would gradually darkened accordingly to the outdoor conditions without affecting the wearer's vision. This feature works well for me as I often go in and out of trails with very different lighting conditions. Previously I have to repeatedly
put on or remove my glasses according to the conditions. Well, not anymore! I even wore it at night and I could still see what is in front of me. Brilliant!

Removable Quickchange lenses. 
The Quickchange lenses are removable and there is a variety of lenses to choose from like Smoke Black, Transparent, Multilaser Orange and Hi-Contrast. There could be purchased separately at Rudy Project dealers.

Last but not least, the "Made in Italiano" sign engraved at the side of the tips. Assured that is not another "Made in China" knock off.

So far I've tested out the Firebolt on 2 races; both Xterra Trail Championships and Deuter Trail Run. I've also used them in my daily runs. I must say I'm impressed with it and being the "rough user" that I am known to be; it handled well and suited to my activities. Despite the minor accident of dropping it and the accidental scratch (someone banged into my poor glasses at Deuter during the slide obstacle), it took the beating quite well despite owning it for less than 2 weeks!

The Rudy Project Firebolt is now currently available at all participating dealers and this model is retailing at RSP RM760.

A big thanks you to Rudy Project Malaysia Brunei for letting me review this lovely masterpiece.

For full specs of the Firebolt, do click here.

For more photos and views of the Firebolt, click here.

Monday 21 April 2014

Race Report : King of Bukit Larut 2014 (KOBL)

"The Hills are alive...... with the sound of music....."

Que in Julie Andrews to sing this when you start the race of King of Bukit Larut.
Well, it was more like "The Hills are alive...with the sound of us screaming". 

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the exciting and challenging "King of Bukit Larut 2014" race report. Or affectionately known as KOBL. I like to pronounce it as "Kor-Bleu". Makes it so French sounding with an international flair.

The boutique race is organized by the PACat Adventure Team and attracted more than 200 runners; both locally and internationally. The race is held at Bukit Larut, Taiping; also known by many as Maxwell Hill. The route is pretty straightforward. One road up; same road down. BUT the surprise is the unforgiving steep elevation that would make even the most seasoned runner cry. 

At first I didn't have any intention to join any race in April since I was going to do both my "Grade A" race on both Xterra Malaysia and Sundown Singapore in May. But then I thought perhaps this was a good tapering long run just before Xterra and I could use a bit of "altitude" training along the way. 


Goofing around at REPC
I arrived Taiping late afternoon after being delayed by house chores. The Taiping rain (heavy one too) greeted me with open arms as I made my way to the race pack collection at the foothills of Bukit Larut. Arman was making sure all the things were in order; seeing him running around in the rain. Suzie, Marlina and Zaini were helping out with the race pack distribution. There was a skeleton crew working around but efficiently enough to get by. 

Semua muka lapar!
Hung around for awhile before heading back to meet Man and Lina for early dinner. We soon head out to the famous Taiping Bomba Yong Tau Foo as per suggested by Razman. It was exellent! Mind you, I didn't even know this place existed. Called Marlina and Zaini as well since they were staying close by. 

We then head back to our hotel at Villa Sentosa (I call it paradise!) for an early rest. Soon our running buddy, Hui and his colleague joined us for the night after driving down from Penang. 


Photo courtesy of Vivien Tay
All of us woke up very early as we wanted to be at the race site around 6am. The scene was not as happening as in many major races but was uniquely intimate as we met regular and new friends before race started. We all started our warm up with our mouths! Talk about regulating our oxygen intake. Time flies as we were having fun and soon we had a quick race briefing at 7:15am. We even had to sing our national anthem before we started the race which I thought was a nice touch. 

View of waterstation 1 & 6
The race started at 7:30am sharp as promised. My strategy was simple. Power walk up (maybe throw in a few runs at lower elevations) and run all the way down non-stop. I came fully prepared; perhaps way over. Some asked why I was geared as if I was heading for an Ultra. I came fully loaded with my Nathan Vaporcloud Hydration bag, filled up the 2L water bladder, filled up snacks and gels AND unnecessarily added on my new pairs of Black Diamond Distance FL Z-Poles, an all-weather jacket and extra food. Actually I was also testing/simulating out the weight in preparation for TMBT as well. One thing for sure, I was VERY happy that I had my trekking poles with me when scaling Maxwell.

The "dashyat" altitude of Bukit Larut. 
Suzie at Waterstation 3&4
An early group of runners sped off quite early. I stayed on with my race strategy and soon enough I pretty much caught up with most of them later. The Power Walk strategy worked well as I concentrated on my breathing. My HR was regulating between Zone 3 & 4; which was great given at such conditions. Upon reaching at U-turn point, it took a good 01:51 to do so.  The elevation tracked at this point was 1,078.9m above sea level. 

Alas, almost to the top.
At this point, I quickly packed both my poles into my hydration bag, took the check point ribbon and sped downhill. 

The U-turn point. A moment of happiness for many.

Kena tangkap gambar by Azmi when zooming down the hill. 
Running downhill was a breeze but did it cautiously as the road was very slippery. This is where my trail running techniques came into play as I had to zig zag uncoming runners and maneuver around sharp corners. It was exhilarating! I only stopped briefly at the last water station just to pour water over my head (engine sudah panas) and continued to speed down all the way to the finishing line. It took exactly 62 minutes to come all the way down. One of runners whom I met at much later after the race said he tried catching me but apparently he said I looked like I've just turned on my "turbo boost" and left him in the dust! Goodness, was I that fast? Paiseh, paiseh....

Arman (Sweeper) spotted at Marker 13. He is going to kick butt on anyone he manages to overtake.
As we crossed the finishing line, we were given a goodie bag with a finisher medal. But the big kick is the Nasi Lemak and the famous Ansari Cendol! That was a huge reward that is worth having after such a race. Needless to say, I was satisfied and happy.

The finishing shot zooming down the finishing line.
Photo courtesy of Mohd Azfar.
All in all, it was an excellent boutique race. Albeit a small crowd, it was good enough to make it special and memorable for everyone. Great race and hope to see an even better one next year!

All hail to Kings (and Queens) of Bukit Larut!

PS: No one insaf, right?

Jolly gembira. Made me break into a dance. Cha Cham borrrr....!
Photo courtesy of Mohd Azfar.
- Excellent organization and made it very memorable for everyone. Well done!
- An excellent event for those who hasn't had much experience conquering hills. A good intro of what Skyrunning is all about.
- Sufficient water stations and placed at crucial, strategic spots. 
- Nice event T-shirt (though this was a last minute bonus to runners) and finisher medal.
The KOBL finisher medal.
- Road markers marked well (though would had preferred larger and visible)
- An excellent team of friendly volunteers that never fails to put a smile on our face. Especially we look like we are about to pengsan climbing that hill.
- Arman as sweeper. Who else to motivate and smack you in the butt if you are slow. ;)
- Glorious Taiping food at the finishing. Ansari Cendol, Nasi Lemak, Fruits, water & 100 Plus. Loads and loads of it.

- Really takde. But really there is one, perhaps in the future could actually do the entire route all the way to the actual peak (additional 6km from U-turn point).
- Someone mentioned Nasi Vanggey at the finishing. I think perhaps a little OTT but why not! ;)

My personal set of photos taken can be viewed at this link

Yes, Viking agrees!
Photo courtesy of Mohd. Azfar.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Motivation for the Athletes in us : I Used To Think

I just recently came across a beautifully written Facebook note written by a friend and I thought that has got to be some of the most beautiful words I've heard in a long time. 

"I used to think that it was important how others perceived me,
I realize now that what I think of myself takes precedence.

I used to think that delivering great work brings promotion and recognition,
I realize now that striving for excellence should bring personal satisfaction.

I used to think that driving a flashy car would make me feel young,

I realize now that I can get the same gush from riding a cute little bike.

I used to think that money buys happiness,

I realize now that happiness is actual wealth.

I used to think that being on the cover of a magazine would make me proud,

I realize now that my 5 year old daughter's portrait of me on her sketchbook makes me prouder.

I used to think that running 42km would make me a man,

I realize now that 5km runs make me cry.

I used to think that a prime rib eye steak would fill my stomach,

I realize now that sharing my daughter's cookie fills my heart.

I used to think that having 500 friends made me cool,

I realize now that its not the numbers that count, but those that stand up when counted on."
-by Eugene Teoh

There comes a point in time we have to stop and look back what we really want in life and what makes us truly happy. Yes, we all do want to do great in life but sometimes it's just not based by the quantity we do but the quality of it.

Cheers and have a good day. :)

PS: Eugene and his wife are young parents to 2 beautiful daughters and he is an athlete at heart and appearance. Thanks for letting me share this passage, bro. 

Sunday 30 March 2014

Quick Cooking : Homemade Basil Pesto (ala my own version)

The finished product. Spinach Fettuccine tossed in basil pesto with poached egg and chicken. 

Wow. I can't remember the last time I blog about my cooking.

Well, I've been having "mental cooking blocks" for the last few months. Just couldn't get inspired.

So just the other day I was at Ben's Supermarket and I saw a pack of Thai Sweet Basil Leaves that I decided to make homemade basil pesto for my pasta dressing. And just like that, I grabbed a few key ingredients, went home and started whacking the pesto out; even though it was very late at night.

Basil pesto is usually used as a sauce/dressing for pastas and a great vegetarian dish for vegans and for the health conscious. I've made this pesto before but I've changed a few ingredients to make it my own. One of the ingredients is Tahini but it's incredibly pricey here; so I used a bit of sesame oil instead and added walnuts for more chunky, creamy texture.

So basically, here are ingredients I used for my own version of Basil Pesto.

Do take note, that I don't exactly measure my ingredients as I go by feel most of the time.

1. 100mg Fresh Thai Sweet Basil Leaves (Any variant of basil will do. Thai has a bit more of an aroma kick)
2. Few cloves of garlic (About a good 5-7)
3. A handful of toasted pine nuts
4. A handful of walnuts (or more if you prefer a more creamy texture)
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (accordingly)
6. Sesame Oil (alternative to tahini. About 1-2 table spoons)
7. Dash of grated cheese (optional)
8. Salt & Pepper to taste

Making this dish is practically easy and you just need a food processor. I use a manual hand-wind food processor as I have a bit more control over the texture consistency of the pesto.

Make sure your basil leaves are washed, cleaned and spin-dried with minimal water residue.

Next up, blend up the garlic, walnuts and toasted pine nuts first until you get .......

to a somewhat chunky mix like so.

Then add on the basil leaves into the mix with the sesame oil and olive oil and blend. Gradually add the leaves and olive oil periodically after every spin.

The result would be something like this. You can go "creamier" by adding in the cheese, more walnuts and oilve oil to get a semi smooth texture of the pesto which I did. I always prefer to have a bit more bite to my pasta dressing.

The result would be something more golden in colour compared to the very green pesto you see in the supermarkets. Once done, keep the pesto refrigerated and it would last no more than a week. 

As you can see, I used my pesto to go with my favourite Spinach Fettuccine and topped it over with a poached egg and chicken. An excellent healthy choice for those "lazy" to cook like me or just couldn't find time to whip out something too grandeur. 

And now, this blogger is now attempting to venture into some baking. That is if he still has the "balls" to take out the oven that is still sitting inside the box!

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