Monday 8 April 2013

Nestle Fitnesse Malaysia Women Marathon 2013 - A glance through

The Malaysia Women Marathon 2013 (MWM 2013). What a great event it was!
You couldn't imagine how excited I was to this event even though I didn't run for it. Though I did volunteer to  be one of the bike marshals for the half marathon route. Yes, if you were doing the HM; I was the guy with the blue Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber stucked on my bag. Hope I passed on some "Jedi Force" to you all.

I'm not gonna say very much in this blog post but leave you with some pictures and videos taken during the 2 days I was there. I think it speaks for itself.

The lovely Karen Loh, the brains behind MWM. 
We the MEN!
Yvonne, who finished her fastest Full Marathon to date at MWM and ranked 14th!
Here she is with running legend, Kathrine Switzer.

The rain came poring during the dialgoue but the show still goes on!

The lovely fashions from runningskirts. 
Running Legend Kathrine Switzer giving her presentation.
The Xtramiler & AC Team.
The ever funny Joanne Kam Poh Poh.

Pasta Carbo loading!
And here are the videos in case you missed out the presentations and dialogue on Saturday. 

ps: Please do excuse the choppy, shaky videos and the random wind blows recorded. I wished I had a high end camera to record with. Nonetheless, do enjoy.

Karen Loh, giving her passionate yet cheerful opening.

Kathrine Switzer giving her presentation on "The History of Women in Running"

Jolene giving her presentation on "Women Running in their 40's"

And last but not least, the Dialogue on "Women in Running".

The panel consist of Barbara Oravetz, Dr. Sharifah Osman, Karen Loh, Kathrine Switzer, Jolene Hong, Thida Sonjaroen and The O'Briens (Couple on the Run).

Last and not least, here is a very brief, very amateur video edit of what is recorded during the Half Marathon event.

Looking forward to next year and hoping more women will join in next time! :)

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