Saturday 6 October 2012

Vibram HK 100 2012 Forum @ The Marathon Shop

The Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race. Even the sound of it or speaking of it sounds daunting. Reputably one of the toughest ultra-marathon in Asia as well. 

The Marathon Shop recently hosted a forum for all participants who are participating for the event next year. Of course those who are not joining are welcomed as well ; people like moi. I actually found this out on the day itself from Brother Kahwai and I wouldn't want to miss the chance to learn from the experts. Namely Karen Loh, Yim Heng Fatt and Jeff Ooi. The panel of speakers are invited to share about their experience and journey from the event they participated this year. Although I won't be participating this event anytime soon but at least I would love to hear about what Ultra-Marathon is all about. 

The forum was a full house event and by gosh; it was packed. I feel so tiny among my sifus

A impromptu sharing with Karen Loh aka Karen Mok before the forum started. 
It was a full house! Well, I couldn't get up to take a pic when it was packed. 
The Managing Director of The Marathon Shop, James Wong started the ball rolling with a welcome speech and introduced  the new Garmin Fenix.
Managing Director of The Marathon Shop, James Wong. 
 The new Garmin Fenix is a new GPS watch from Garmin; targeted more towards adventurous activities like hiking and mountain climbing. Despite being a different category from the usual Forerunner series, it's still capable of capturing your run pace and do many other stuff as well; making a very good all round GPS watch. Did I mentioned that it's one handsome piece of watch too? Hint...hint...
James explaining about the features of Garmin Fenix. 
Panel of speakers from left : Karen Loh, Yim Heng Fatt and Jeff Ooi.

Next up were the panel of speakers sharing about their experience from the race. Without me yakking too much, below is a video of them sharing about it. First I have to apolagise that I've only manage to record the first half of their talk as my battery went dead. I hope Real Ho was able to capture the entire session on his camera. They pretty much covered everything from training, what to expect from the race, nutrition, etc.

The coveted trophy won by Yim. 
The bronze award is awarded to participants who finish the 100KM Trail Race in less than  24 hours.
Yim finished it in less than 23 hours.
Many topics were covered and the forum was an interactive one.

Aleximon fascinated with the folding cup given to all participants. 
Yim talking about the bag tag to be given during CP 5 (Check Point).
A group photo with the host from The Marathon Shop. 
The forum ended with a quick Q&A session. It was indeed a very insightful sharing for me as well for the others. Albeit I may not be joining an Ultra-Marathon soon, it's good to at least understand the whole process and preparation of the race. I kinda feel inspired but let me deal with my mileage run first. I just kinda got out from my sabbatical. :P

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