Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Motivation for the Athletes in us : I Used To Think

I just recently came across a beautifully written Facebook note written by a friend and I thought that has got to be some of the most beautiful words I've heard in a long time. 

"I used to think that it was important how others perceived me,
I realize now that what I think of myself takes precedence.

I used to think that delivering great work brings promotion and recognition,
I realize now that striving for excellence should bring personal satisfaction.

I used to think that driving a flashy car would make me feel young,

I realize now that I can get the same gush from riding a cute little bike.

I used to think that money buys happiness,

I realize now that happiness is actual wealth.

I used to think that being on the cover of a magazine would make me proud,

I realize now that my 5 year old daughter's portrait of me on her sketchbook makes me prouder.

I used to think that running 42km would make me a man,

I realize now that 5km runs make me cry.

I used to think that a prime rib eye steak would fill my stomach,

I realize now that sharing my daughter's cookie fills my heart.

I used to think that having 500 friends made me cool,

I realize now that its not the numbers that count, but those that stand up when counted on."
-by Eugene Teoh

There comes a point in time we have to stop and look back what we really want in life and what makes us truly happy. Yes, we all do want to do great in life but sometimes it's just not based by the quantity we do but the quality of it.

Cheers and have a good day. :)

PS: Eugene and his wife are young parents to 2 beautiful daughters and he is an athlete at heart and appearance. Thanks for letting me share this passage, bro. 

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