Sunday, 29 December 2013

What is your Stride Signature?

So, what is your stride signature?

We all know what are strides (as in for running) but do you know what is your own personal signature style of running?

Well. As for me, I used to be a underpronator when I started running. But with consistent training and guides, I've been able to improve my running style to a more natural stride and to run more efficiently. And once in a blue moon, I'll actually record myself to see whether I'm improving. When I invested in my Nikon AW100 Tough Camera (which has an amazing slow motion video feature), it has helped me to understand my running style better.

Below is a video taken back in March 2013 and December 2013 (from ACEndurance Training Programme) to analyse my running form. The test is done using my own Brooks Ghost 4 (which is a pair trainers I often trained with). So far so good but I still need to improve on my arm swings and strengthen more core to keep my upper body more stabilized. That is my signature stride.

Everyone's running style is different and the body will find a motion to adapt. Our bones, joints and soft tissue align to work together as one to suit our very own style of running; so to achieve a more comfortable and smooth run. 

So when Brooks unveiled it's new line to us; the new Brooks Transcend, we were pretty excited and impressed with its technology. It's a shoe definitely suited to adapt every runner's own personal signature stride. More to come on this on the next blog post but to wet your appetite, here is a brief teaser video to know what this new shoe is all about.

For more detailed information, do also check out Brooks Malaysia.  


  1. whoah nice video. I wish I can get someone to "tape" me while running so I can check my stride :)

    1. Do come by I can record for you when I'm free. ;)
      Ask your hubby to tape you lar.... ;)

    2. I do not trust his "recording" :-P


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