Saturday, 2 March 2013

Quick Cooking : Spinach Fettuccine in Vegemite Sauce

Brooks HM is just around the corner. Have you done your proper carbo load yet?

More often than not, I'm often hit with what I'm gonna carbo load with. Most of the time, I'll just make pasta to eat. Lately I've been trying this recipe from Nigella Lawson about the use of Marmite. Nigella once got a fan mail asking her to whip out something using marmite as the main ingredient. She just quickly made a rich marmite sauce with butter and chopped garlics and poured it over a beautiful bowl of pasta. It looks delicious just viewing it on TV.

So I've decided to make a spin on Nigella's recipe with a few additional tweaks. 

First of all, I used Vegemite as opposed to Marmite. I also used olive oil instead of butter (health reasons of course). As for the pasta, I used a wholewheat spinach fettuccine; which I love!

The main ingredients.
 I made this version vegetarian, so I mainly used chopped onions and roughly chopped garlic only. Tossed them onto the pan with olive oil. I've used some dry basil herbs, pepper, salt and a dash of cinnamon thrown into it. Fry them to almost brown.
Onions, garlic and herb mix.
 Next tossed in the cooked pasta. Mixed it up with some vegemite and some water and slowly cook the sauce down till it almost thickens.
Slowly simmer till sauce thickens.
 Once done, serve it immediately while still hot. For additional flavour and texture profiling, top with grated cheese to serve or use a raw egg and mix up the pasta to give it a more thicker consistency.

Ready to serve and eat.
That was good for my carb load last night and Bon Appetite! :)

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